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Reid G.

Bearded since: 1997. I am a dedicated, permanent beard grower.

Why did I grow my beard? I've always liked having a goatee and then moved into the chinstrap style for a very long time. I never liked growing my mustache out 'cause I couldn't get past the point of having the hairy, sweaty lip. So one day I gave in and last year I created a four-month event in my area involving growing for the winter. I called it "Novembeard, Decembeard, and Manuary".... But I shaved and cleaned it up for the ladies on "Femuary"! So now with this year I wanted to go further and grow it until my child was going to be born in March of 2013. Now I know I'm going to keep it until that time, but I will say I'm quickly growing attached to my beard and I doubt I'm going to shave it off come delivery time. Who knows? My kid could love it, too!

How do I feel about my beard? I can say I feel lucky and cursed with my beard...and it's all about the same thing! I grow a full connected beard and it comes in very thick! I really enjoy not having any gaps in it, but at the same time it's a hassle to shave when you grow this much hair! I know some people grow much more than me and I take that into account, but this is my glorious beard we are talking about here.

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