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Bearded since: 2004. I am an occasional or seasonal beard grower.

I grew my beard because I hate to be completely shaved. It makes me feel very young. Now I am trying to grow a full beard, and I would like to see the result after six months maybe. Right now, I have saved for about three weeks and I feel I'm on the right track.

The record is three months and I intend to beat that record this year, by double or even more.

How do I feel about my beard? I love my beard! Some folks say I look best shaven. Others say I don't look like myself all clean, 'cause I always have a little bit there. But now I'm aiming for a full rich beard!

This is a more updated version of my beard! As you can see, it has grown longer and I feel great with the beard!

noa002001.jpg noa002002.jpg noa002003.jpg noa003001.jpg noa004001.jpg

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