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Bearded since: 2005. I am a dedicated, permanent beard grower.

At first I was lazy. I didn't want to shave my beard when it started to grow (I was about fourteen). I must have shaved my sideburns once or twice when it started to grow, but I didn't like how I looked without them. Then, I just started to let them grow since the end of 2005, approximately. Bottom line, I grew my beard because I just like the way I look with it. I'm eighteen now when I'm writing this text and my beard is still growing. And when it grows full I want to trim mutton chops or maybe friendly mutton chops.

How do I feel about my beard? I feel great about it! The overwhelming majority of my friends (both men and women alike) don't like it. They think it's ugly and I should shave it. Of course I don't give a d@mn about what people say about my look, or what I should do about beard shaving, or what kind of clothes I should wear, etc. Also, girls in general don't like my beard, but why should I adequate myself to the rest of the world? After all, I do whatever I want!

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