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Ilja Rose

Bearded since: 2001. I am an experimental beard grower.

In 2001, my then girlfrend was on holiday while I had an affair. When this affair broke up, I felt so evil. I wanted to look like that and grew a moustache and goatee. I only shaved completely once ever since, but I found I think I look better with a beard on.

I like hair because it's one of the, if not the only, thing left to live with total personal freedom. I'm free to cut or let grow what, where, and whenever I want. I let all the hair around my head grow for a while now, little bit Chris-Robinson style. I'm hoping to grow a beard long enough to make two braids one day!

deh012002.jpg dei001.jpg dei002.jpg dej001001.jpg dej002001.jpg