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Michael K.

Bearded since: 1978. I am a dedicated, permanent beard grower. I am an occasional or seasonal beard grower. I am an experimental beard grower.

I grew my beard because I come from a bearded family. So it was, without question, the thing to do. As far as the question as to the type of beard grower I am, I feel like I fall into all three descriptions: bearded since forever, but it changes with the season and I am experimental with it. I spent my first fifty-three years in the northeast and was almost fully bearded all the time. Now that I live in southern California, I do cut it back to a goatee when it's 110 degrees out. The goatee part is now two years old and growing.

How do I feel about my beard? Hmmm, it's just a part of me and I've enjoyed the changes to now being nearly all white. I also like the fact that my goatee section grows into a ringlet. The most asked question is do I curl it?, NO it grows that way. I do take better care of it now that it's grown to the top of my tummy and continuing to grow. I am glad that the holidays are over and beard-pulling season with it!

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