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Bearded since: 2003. I am a dedicated, permanent beard grower.

I've had a goatee full time ever since I finished high school. Then I decided to grow a beard for winter. I was surprised at what a difference it makes! Then it was back to the goatee. But by the next winter, I was hooked! And it's not at all hot in the summer, strange. I'll grow old with a beard, and die with one. If you are capable of growing a decent beard, why not? It is the apex of manhood!

I absolutely love it!! The look, the feel, the grooming, the playing with it. There is nothing quite like it. But I feel I am still a bit young and hopefully my beard will thicken a bit later on as I grow older. I am really impressed by the "truly outstanding beard" on this site. I'm still working on mine!

aua004.jpg caskd001001.jpg nac001.jpg sb020.jpg auvicg2002.jpg