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Jayson H.

Bearded since: 2005. I am a dedicated, permanent beard grower.

I have actually been bearded since 2005. However, I have never documented my beard growing process. So this time, I shaved all the way down and am taking a pic every week. I plan on growing me beard for a while and would like to keep it forever. To answer this question specifically, I just look weird without my beard. Like other guys' responses, I feel like I look better with it. I guess I'm proud that I can actually grow one. So instead of getting rid of it all the time, I prefer to just be natural and let it grow. If men weren't supposed to have beards, I guess we wouldn't have the ability to grow it in the first place. I admire and respect other guys who can walk confidently with a beard no matter what industry they work in or what style they prefer.

How do I feel about my beard? Like I said, I feel lucky to have one. I guess like most other guys, I'd prefer that it was even thicker. I have noticed that as I have aged, it is growing in more and more. I plan on keeping it forever. I also plan on updating my album here with further picture, the longer and fuller I let it grow. Right now, I am only about two and half weeks into growing my beard after shaving completely down. I only shaved for documentary reasons for this site. My beard does get full quick and I'm eager to show it off here as time goes on!

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