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Bearded since: 2006. I am an occasional or seasonal beard grower.

I grew my beard because I could, really! I'd tried on shoulder length hair during my college days and desperately wanted to match it with a beard. But I didnt have much facial hair... I knew right then that the day I had enough I would flaunt it. Well I dont have enough yet , but I've always been a hasty fellow...

This is after four patient weeks of not touching my beard. I decided to go by's tips and am following it so far. This weekend will be my first trim. I'll also be shaving off a bit towards the lower neck and hopefully it'll look decent (yeah it looks gruffy now , much to the disgust of some people around me... I still love it !)

ina002001.jpg ina002002.jpg ina002003.jpg ina003001.jpg ina003002.jpg