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Bearded since: 2002. I am a dedicated, permanent beard grower.

My beard has occasionally needed pogonotomy due to occupational reasons, but with my now more stable career, it's here to stay.

My father had a beard until I was well into my teens. In fact, all the men I can think of in my family have at least some facial hair. I consider it only natural for a man to have a beard. And it has the added benefit of protecting my face from the elements in winter.

How do I feel about my beard? It's always a bit of a work in progress. I don't take many self-pics, so I'm only including this one shot (demonstrating the insulating effectiveness of it). I'll include some better pics another time.

cabci001002.jpg cabci001003.jpg cabci002001.jpg cabcj001001.jpg cabcj001002.jpg