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Bearded since: 2010. I am an experimental beard grower.

I couldn't grow as much as a proper mustache until I was about twenty-seven or twenty-eight and a beard was almost non-existent. But as I approached my forties, the growth became more prominent. So at the age of forty-three, I decided to see what happens. So I stopped shaving for eight months and there it was.

How do I feel about my beard? I wasn't completely pleased with it because it doesn't quite look as full as it should. It doesn't grow thick enough around my cheekbones and because of that, it gives me an "Amish" or an "Abe Lincoln" look, which isn't what I wanted. So I shaved it off and I began noticing thicker growth higher up on my cheekbones. So I think I'll try again soon.

cabcl002003.jpg cabcm001001.jpg cabcm002001.jpg cabcm002002.jpg cabcm002003.jpg