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Jonathan W.

Bearded since: 2007. I am an experimental beard grower.

I like the way I look with a beard. I think it suits me. I'm not fond of the way my chin looks and I don't like shaving I've been growing some sort of facial hair for several years now, which I occasionally shave off for some reason or another. Right now my beard is longer than it has ever been and I am interested to see how long it can get. I might try to get work as a Santa at Christmas. :)

How do I feel about my beard? I like it for now. Sometimes it drives me crazy. It's getting to the point where I'm considering trimming it. But I'm concerned about it looking too groomed. I don't like getting food in it. I see a lot more guys with beards lately. It has become a trend, which kind of makes me not like it as much. But it is nice to see so many younger guys sporting full beards.

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