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Bearded since: 2008. I am an experimental beard grower.

Since I was a child, I've prayed that God would give me great facial hair! I've always thought beards/facial hair say so much about a man and they definitely give a man a sense of individuality. It's a sign of manhood and it gives us freedom of expression. It's part of who we are as men and to shave it all off every day is a shame. There are men who haven't been blessed with beardage. So it's our duty to not throw away our gift of facial hair but rather wear it proudly upon our face for all the world to hear it cry boldly, "Yes! I am a man!"

How do I feel about my beard? I love my goatee because it can grow thick, full, and long. My mustache is pretty good as well; it gets long enough that I can twirl it. I'm waiting for the beard on my cheeks to fill in thicker. The hair on part of the left side of my face grows sideways as opposed to straight down my face, which is kind of annoying, but once it all fills in nicely I'll make it work. But I always like changing it up and experimenting with my facial hair!

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