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Bearded since: 1977. I am an occasional or seasonal beard grower.

I grew my beard for many reasons -- many beards.

Depression: At times, I just let it grow.
Variety: During the '80s, I had a beard about half the time.
Novelty: My sideburns and beard are red, mustache blonde, and hair light brown.
Pride: My father and uncles all have red sideburns and beards .
Artistic expression: I have grown it to play a 1920s doctor in a murder mystery dinner. Also, I belong to a medieval recreation society and it sometimes suits.
Ego: I get great compliments, especially when I have a goatee and mustache.
How do I feel about my beard? I like that I can grow a beard in 3-5 weeks. I have liked that it is red. I am disappointed that it is so coarse to the touch and itchy even after months.

I am not really attached to having a beard, growing it more at a whim or if something prevents me from shaving for a number of weeks.

If I could bleach it white somehow I would grow a Christmas beard every year.

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