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Bearded since: 1986. I am a dedicated, permanent beard grower.

A long time ago I had a "bad shaving addiction". I couldn't go a day without razor to skin!
This was forced on me by my employer. Same old line about clean shaven is respectable or some b---s--t. After awhile I had four weeks holidays and started letting myself grow.
After the hols I had a short beard. Although the boss didn't like it, he couldn't say I was "unshaven",as I was "bearded". Thank goodness, I was well sick of shaving!

How do I feel about my beard? I'm very fond of and have quite protective feelings for my beard. I like the feel of it.I love the way it protects my face! I've almost always worked outdoors.The beard keeps the rain off, keeps my face dry, keeps me warm and stops sunburn.

Nature knows best! I shave it off approximately once a year for a quick look, then start again.

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