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Rohit J.

Bearded since: 2010. I am a dedicated, permanent beard grower.

Why did I grow my beard? I always loved beards, once I came through a pic of a guy with full beard. then I browsed the Internet for tips to grow full beard and I found the link to and after I went through all the testimonials, I was impressed with the first testimonial of Tim. It really motivated and encouraged me to grow my beard, while looking at his pics and testimonial and then my love and interest increased towards growing beard.

How do I feel about my beard? I feel awesome! Well I started off growing my beard in September, even though it took a lots of time for my beard to grow in the beginning stage. Then once after three months of continuous growth without any trim/shave, I saw the difference of how my beard grew and how wonderful it was looking. And from three months I extended three more months of growing my beard and I feel very great to be a part of this because in this process i have developed to gain more patience in achieving something.

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