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Jimmy’s Excellent, Strong Beard

All about beards is pleased and proud to welcome Jimmy to the featured beards section! A proud, full-bearded professional who is fiercely dedicated to growing his beard, here Jimmy introduces himself:

I am a lawyer living and working in the islands of Malta and Gozo. I am an art and literature aficionado which, I believe, had something to do with my initial decision to grow a beard!

I love swimming and jogging and walking in the countryside with our two Labrador dogs.

My beard is now part and parcel of who I am. I feel naked, exposed, and juvenile without it and do not think I will ever give it up! I even tend to match looks and outfits to my beard as opposed to the other way round!

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What do you think about beards?
I have always fantasized about beards. The way they look was, and evidently still is, very much to my liking. What I fantasized about was how they felt and how they made the bearer feel. I now have the luxury of that knowledge. I love beards, I love how they feel, and I absolutely love how they look. In my eyes, a man without a beard is incomplete.

What do you think about your own beard?
I obviously love my beard! It makes me feel more manly and it gives me something to pet as I go through my thinking process.

When you were a little boy, did you ever think about growing a beard in the future when you would become a man?
Indeed yes! Growing a beard was my number one priority!

Did anyone in your family have a beard before you?
My father sported a designer stubble and handlebar moustache between his late twenties and early forties. I cannot say that his was a proper beard that inspired me to grow mine, though, as he kept it quite short.

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When did you grow your first beard?
I grew my first beard at age twenty. I have never looked back.

What led you to grow your first beard?
I believe it was my admiration for bearded men, particularly those in the old masters paintings, in English literature, and in old movies, that led me to grow my very first beard. I’ve always looked at such men and thought their distinction was so incredibly admirable.

What happened to your first beard?
I shaved my first beard in favor of a shorter stubble.​ I soon enough regretted the decision and went back to the classic full beard.

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Would you say that you are dedicated to staying bearded now? Or is the beard just a sometimes thing?
Anytime I feel compelled to shave my beard, as I never quite do that out of my own free will, I soon enough regret it and revert back. I think I can therefore safely say that the beard is here to stay!

Does the relative popularity of beards at any given time affect your decision to be bearded or not?
I am not affected by the relative popularity of beards at a given time. In fact, when I first started sporting a beard it was kind of frowned upon. I still persisted in growing it!

How do people react to your beard?
Most men love my beard. They admire it and my dedication in growing it and caring for it. Most women I know seem opposed to it. I was, in fact, very pleasantly surprised by the number of positive comments I got from female Facebook users to posts of my images on your Facebook page! I cannot say I was used to that before then.

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Do people ever tell you to shave? If so, why do you think they feel it’s their place to tell you what to do?
Most women I know insist I should shave my beard. They seem to agree that I look un-groomed with a beard. I put them in their place by asking them how they’d feel if they shaved their heads!

Do you believe that beards are compatible with or even enhance a “professional” appearance?
I am a lawyer in Malta. None of my clients or associates were ever opposed to my beard or, at least, ever showed opposition. I have realized that a lot of local lawyers seem to sport a beard and, in my opinion, the beard does enhance that “old school lawyer” appearance we are so used to in movies and lithographs. So hail to bearded lawyers!

Do you know if your beard has inspired others to grow their beards?
I know for a fact that I have inspired a few younger men to start sporting a beard. It is kind of flattering.

Why have you chosen the classic full beard?
I have chosen the classic full beard for two main reasons:

  1. Several attempts to define a different look by shaping my beard failed miserably the minute I tried to keep up the barber’s look by trimming and shaping my beard myself.
  2. The classic full beard is easy to maintain, if I use the appropriate products, and gives me a masculine look I am now completely used to.

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How do you care for your beard?
Caring for the beard is essential. I use a good quality beard shampoo, at least two types of beard softening balms, as well as a beard relaxer and moustache wax for shaping and keeping it all in order. I think it impossible to sport a good, proper beard without adequately caring for it.

Do you take pride in your beard?
I take huge pride in my beard and enjoy sporting it at different occasions with different outfits! My favourite look is the old British look: tartan jacket/trousers, gilet, bowtie, and pocket square. Nothing compliments a beard as much as said look!

Do you have any complaints about your beard?
The only complaint I have about my beard relate to some unruly hairs that tickle my nostrils; nothing that cannot be tamed with some mustache wax applied appropriately every morning!

What is your opinion of beards.org?
beards.org is a fantastic site/Facebook Page that has opened so many windows for beard lovers and admirers! Never before I was featured on your Facebook page had I thought that women could actually love a good beard as all my female friends were so opposed to it! I’ve also learnt much about caring for and shaping a beard through your posts and your contributors. It is an outstanding window on the bearded world for all of us beard lovers! Keep up the good work, boys!

What do you think about being featured on beards.org?
I can only thank you for including me on your fantastic media outlets! I am proud to be one of the men featured on beards.org!

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