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beard success stories

An important objective of is to encourage, challenge, or inspire men to grow their beards. When readers report that have grown their beards thanks to this site, I consider it a beard success story. Even if they later choose not to remain bearded, it is still a success story because they had the dedication — and even courage — to go through the beard growing experience at least once.

The success stories section is one of the most important on It has been on hiatus for a while, but is now undergoing renovation and new expansion. New additions will now appear first on the page, in a different format. For now, our original beard success story contributors remain listed in the original format. That does not mean that their stories are somehow diminished.
They are not. Their stories have served to inspire countless men around the world to grow new beards. Their contributions have been and remain among the most valuable on As a nod of appreciation to Linden, whose beard success story was the first on, he is featured in the beard success story page’s new title graphic seen above.

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“…not everyone can grow a full beard and I feel like if you have this gift, you shouldn’t let it go to waste and shave off something your body was destined to have.”

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“Full beard is a pretty tough decision… It kind of becomes a battle. You fight people’s attitudes. You fight the heat in the summer. But you keep going.”

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“I’m very proud of my beard and of my ability to grow facial hair. I’m glad that I made the decision to grow my beard out and I hope that others will be able to read this and decide to do the same. “

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“Growing a full beard has added a different dimension to my being. I don’t feel I am the same man — I feel I am a better man. That’s not necessarily because of the way my beard looks, but because of the pride I feel in doing something that has dramatically altered my appearance and for having the guts and determination to see it through.”

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