beard styles: extended goatee

extended goatee

about the extended goatee and mustache

The extended goatee is a variation of the goatee and mustache. Further variations are possible by adjusting the angles or the shape of the extensions.

Also known as:

  • Hollywoodian
  • tailback

growing an extended goatee

When growing a extended goatee for the first time, it is advisable to allow a larger area to grow than the size that you think that you
would like. Once you have achieved enough growth to make a proper determination, then you can shape and trim it down to the desired size. The extensions typically are defined by extending a horizontal line from the corners of the mouth back towards each ear, with a curve connecting the ends of the two extensions.

Alternatively, starting with an existing full beard, you could trim it down into the desired shape of the extended goatee. From an
existing goatee and mustache, you could allow the extensions to start growing out.

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