beard styles: goatee and mustache

goatee and mustache

about the goatee and mustache

The goatee and mustache combination is one of the most popular beard styles. It is a good choice for those with good growth in the mustache and chin areas but with weak growth on the cheeks.

Also known as:

  • candado (in Spanish) or padlock
  • circle beard

growing a goatee and mustache

When growing a goatee and mustache for the first time, it is advisable to allow a larger area to grow than the size that you think that you would like. This will allow you more flexibility in determining the size of the coverage area for the goatee and mustache. Alternatively, you could start out as if you are growing a full beard and let all of your facial hair grow. Once you have achieved enough growth to make a proper determination, then you can shape and trim it down to the desired size. The typical shape of the goatee and mustache is similar to an oval, with the mustache forming the top of the oval. You may experiment with variations on the shape, but it is a good idea to start out with the oval-like shape for your first time.

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