2005 GNC Beard Challenge

The Marketing Department at General Nutrition Centers recently ran a ten-day beard contest. What kind of beard-growing contest would run for only ten days? The results were surprisingly
impressive for such a brief growing period. See below. First, though, take a look at the rules used for this contest. You may use these as a model for creating your own beard-growing contest. Thanks to Mike at GNC for sharing the rules and photos!

The 2005 GNC Beard Challenge

The chin-strap, the Van-Dyke, the goatee, the Donegal, the soul-patch, the full and furry….

The competition is on!!! Do you have what it takes to be a part of the 2005 GNC BEARD CHALLENGE? Here are the rules:

  1. Show up tomorrow morning (Nov 18) with a clean shave (any existing facial hair i.e, goatee, mustache or sideburns must be trimmed very short but you don’t have to shave existing facial hair clean off).
  2. Register at Faith’s desk on the 14th floor.
  3. Grow your facial hair for 10 days in the beard style that best fits you and your personality.
  4. Show up for judging and pictures the morning of Nov 28th (Monday after Thanksgiving) with your best attempt at beardedness!!!

Judging Criteria:

  1. Length (25%)
  2. Fullness (25%)
  3. Style and Sophistication (25%)
  4. General Manliness (25%)

Judges will be Faith Cavill, Kelly Dunbar, Kristy Stockmal and Jean Denning. Judges will award each contestant points from 1-10 in each of the above categories. The contestant with the most
total points wins the grand prize.

Grand Prize: Title of “CHAMPION of the 2005 GNC Beard Challenge” and all the rights and privileges that go with that title.

All results are final. No purchase necessary. Enter at your own risk. Not responsible for lost wages or loved ones.

The CHAMPION of the 2005 GNC Beard Challenge:

The CHAMPION of the 2005 GNC Beard Challenge

The other courageous competitors:

other 2005 GNC Beard Challenge competitors

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