all about beards’ sixteenth anniversary

all about beards' sixteenth anniversary

Keep growing.  Today marks the sixteenth anniversary of all about beards, the longest-running beard site on the web.  If all about beards has encouraged you to grow your beard, helped you to improve your beard, improved your view of beards, or had any other positive impact on you, please share by leaving a comment here or sending an email.  Thank you to all of the site’s friends for your support over the years.

6 thoughts on “all about beards’ sixteenth anniversary”

  1. is a monumental resource for men. Men should all try beards at least once in their life, and I think once you’ve been bearded in whatever style and have for one reason or another gone smooth faced you always want to return to the beard–it’s natural. is the resource to assist guys like me to return to the beard, to learn about how to maintain the beard style of their choice and to provide ideas on other beard styles that we may want to try. Thanks for assisting this bearded guy.

  2. Yeah 17 years growing beards for the world congratulations and thanks for create the best beard enthusiastic site int he web.

  3. All about beards gave me a lot of great info, and helped me muster up the courage to grow my beard several years ago. Thanks for creating and maintaining the site over the years.

  4. At 44 years old, I am three weeks into my first beard and your site is directly responsible for giving me the nudge I needed to try it. It sure was hard to walk into work (an accounting department in a bank!) with a week of scruff from the holidays but I’m glad I did. Plus, I’m sure the tips about not trying to shape a beard too soon and how to design a neckline saved me from making the most common mistakes. Now I study the gallery and videos to help me decide on the shape I want. Thanks for providing such a great resource.

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