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Beard survey for men

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    13 to 1920 to 2930 to 3940 to 4950 to 5960 to 6970 or over

    Are you physically capable of growing a beard?


    If you cannot grow a beard, does it bother you?


    Before you were old enough to grow a beard, did you ever think about wanting to grow a beard?

    yes, oftenyes, infrequently or rarelyno

    Have you ever grown a beard?


    What were your reasons for growing a beard?

    Do you have a beard now?


    At what age did you grow your first beard?

    If presently bearded, how long have you had your beard?

    If presently bearded, what style is your beard?

    full beard and mustachegoatee and mustacheother

    If presently bearded, how would you describe the length of your beard?

    stubbleshortmoderatelongvery long

    If presently bearded, how do you rate the quality of your beard?

    well above averageabove averageabout averagebelow average

    If presently bearded, how satisfied are you with your beard?

    very satisfiedsomewhat satisfiedneither satisfied nor dissatisfiedsomewhat dissatisfiedvery dissatisfied

    If you are dissatisfied with your beard, why? (Select all that apply.)

    not thick enoughtoo thickwrong colorinsufficient growth in areasitches or irritatesdoes not look gooddoes not fit face, body, or personalityrequires too much effort to maintainother (explain in comments below)

    Please enter any additional comments about your beard and your comments or suggestions regarding this survey.



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    Any information that you submit for this survey remains confidential and is never shared with any third party. Photos submitted for the survey will not be used on the site. To submit photos for use on the site, go to the beards of the world gallery page or contact me by email.