Aurindam: today's beard, 2016/12/26

Aurindam: today’s beard, 2016/12/26

Name: Aurindam.
Occupation: Advertising Professional.

About Aurindam’s beard:

Why did I grow my beard? I have been taking part in the No Shave November initiative since four years now. Every year, I have added thirty days to the challenge. This year, it’s the 150 day beard goal. As of today, it’s at 145!

What do I think about my beard? It defines me. It commands respect and above all, it’s for an amazing cause.

How do I feel about my beard? I feel great.

How long have I been bearded? 145 days straight up.

How do I like being bearded? Absolutely brilliant.

Aurindam’s grown an absolutely brilliant full beard! It will be interesting to see the beard when his goal is 360 days or more!

Click on any image below to view a larger version in Aurindam’s gallery. The latest ones are first.

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