Michał's beard photo 2

Michał: today’s beard, 2017/01/14

Name: Michał.
Occupation: Student.

About Michał’s beard:

Why did I grow my beard? I never liked to shave and that’s how my adventure with beard began. I’ve tried many shapes of facial hair, but full beard is my best choice.

What do I think about my beard? Right now I really like my beard. But I think there is room for improvement. My goal is to achieve a “Yeard”.

How do I feel about my beard? My beard and I are an inseparable couple. Without it, I am not myself. I chose bearded life and I’m not going to change it.

How long have I been bearded? I am bearded nearly three years now.

How do I like being bearded? It is awesome. People treat me with more respect than before when I did not have a beard. And I have more faith in myself.

Michał has a great, well-trimmed full beard with even greater potential for blossoming into a “yeard”!

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