Richard: today’s beard, 2016/12/06

Name: Richard.
Occupation: Chemical Engineering Student / Artist.

About Richard’s beard:

Why did I grow my beard? I grew my beard out of curiosity and liked the look. I don’t recognize myself without it.

What do I think about my beard? It’s my safety blanket!

How do I feel about my beard? I care for my beard like a work of art. I’m pretty protective of it.

How long have I been bearded? I last shaved in April, but always had some kind of facial hair since I graduated high school.

How do I like being bearded? It’s a great conversation piece. People are very curious about beards. Having a beard is a great way to meet new people and make an impression.

Richard’s impressive beard makes a great big impression!

Click on any photo above to see the larger version in Richard’s beard gallery.

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