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Rick: today’s beard, 2017/03/01

Name: Rick Dancer.
Occupation: Video/Television Producer.

About Rick’s beard:

Why did I grow my beard? I started growing a beard following a battle with prostate cancer. After treatment there is very little you can do to prevent the cancer from coming back. So for me, I found growing a beard each November was/is a way to show my support for other men going through this disease.

What do I think about my beard? Honestly, I love my beard. I live in the Pacific Northwest where beards are hip and considered pretty normal. I think as a guy it gives us an edge on the competition. (If you know what I mean.)

How do I feel about my beard? I never much thought about it until people started walking up to me, impressed with the thickness and quite honestly the color. My hair is steel gray (my term) and my beard has the same silver appeal.

How long have I been bearded? My first full beard covered my face in high school, but for twenty-five years I worked as the main anchor for a television news station in Oregon. Facial hair was not allowed. So each winter vacation I would let it go and dream of an end to my shaving. Now that I no longer work in that industry it’s every man for himself.

How do I like being bearded? I really do like having a beard. I’m very active and swim and run. So the warmth and covering is the practical side. But the real reason I keep my beard is it gives me a bit of an edge and keeps people guessing as to that rough and tumble side of being a guy.

A beard as great as Rick’s deserves to be more than seasonal. We are truly thankful that Rick survived his battle with prostate cancer. May he and his beard prosper and grow ever stronger!

Check out Rick’s web site to follow him and see how his new beard growth is coming along!

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