Ben's beard at five months

Ben: today’s beard, 2017/01/01

We are starting the 2017 New Year off right with an update from Ben, who was featured in the inaugural Today’s Beard post back on November 30th. Congratulations to Ben on reaching five months of beard growth! Happy Beard Growing and best wishes to all for 2017!

Name: Ben.
Occupation: High Voltage Electrician.

About Ben’s beard:

How do I feel about my beard? I am very pleased with how fast my beard is growing. I don’t think I’ve ever grown it this long before.

How long have I been bearded? Five months long on my quest for the Yeard!

How do I like being bearded? I love my beard and the compliments I get from complete strangers!

We proudly salute Ben’s excellent beard and cheer him ever onward toward his beard-growing goals!

Ben’s beard gallery below includes his photos at both five months and four months. The new photos are the first five in the gallery. Click on any image below to view a larger version in Ben’s beard gallery.

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