5 thoughts on “Don’t apologize for being a man.”

  1. Great beard Steve! You are the goatee king though and we would love to see the GOAT again. A nice taylored goat, many of us think you should shave down the musctache a bit just below the nose.

  2. Don’t apologize for having a bushy mustache! I guess it’s cool. On the other hand, your goat looks stunning too.

  3. Yes!

    Manliness does not follow a false definition of justice
    that tries to use force to banish all categories and generalizations
    to make a “super-flat” world
    (a term from a present-day Japanese authority on esthetics whom I can’t cite properly right now and whose own positions on these matters I do not know)
    where most expressions are declared equal
    but in fact only one set of expressions is allowed at a time,
    as negotiated and decided from moment to moment by “the times”
    (lowercase “t”).
    That’s not justice and not manliness.
    It’s something like the Borg Collective of the 1980’s and 1990’s Star Trek series. The movement toward super-flat-ness has been here for much longer than that, but not in total control.
    Don’t obey when the world says to shave your face flat!

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