great beards are for everyone!

Great beards are for everyone! It’s true. While it’s also true that not everyone can grow a great beard, everyone can enjoy the sight of a great beard. A great beard rarely fails to command attention and impress. What’s more is that great beards serve as great inspiration to others to grow their beards, too. For those with less abundant beard growth, great beards frequently still inspire them to grow what they can and to make the most of their facial hair potential. If you’ve grown a great beard, congratulations and thanks! If you can grow a great beard but haven’t, start growing now! Others will benefit from the inspiration of your example.

4 thoughts on “great beards are for everyone!”

  1. I agree 100 % with what you’re saying, but there is a flipside to this too. Beard oriented websites (mine included) tend to focus on the grand, inspiring beards that we all love to see. These are guys are at the high end or the very top of the bearded scale. Some of them would have to shave twice a day should they choose not to grow thier beards out.

    But some of us aren’t so blessed in the beard department. Me for example. My beard is on the thin side and isn’t as grand and inspiring as some that I have displayed on my website. I didn’t grow my first beard untill I was 30 largely due to the fact that it just didn’t stack up well against some of the beards I’d seen in person and on the net.

    In displaying only the high end of the beard scale, we just may be inspiring men to NOT grow their beards out.


  2. I understand what you’re saying. But if we don’t do things because we feel that others are better, we would never do anything worthwhile. Often, those who do not grow their beards because they think that their beards won’t be good enough are pleasantly surprised when their beards turn out quite a bit better than they expected. Many will never know unless they give it a proper chance.

  3. I agree with Steve.

    Also, the Chinese have a saying … “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”

    Aldon (redbeard)

  4. looks good but got a ? for you all how many whiskers do you think it takes to make a full beard ?????????7000 8000 9000????? more less just wondering

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