17 thoughts on “new beards.org logo?”

  1. A temporary change is okay but, this is NOT the hall of famer beard of beards org!!!!

    Change it back soon!!!

  2. Well, I agree that the “truly outstanding beard man” has a truly outstanding beard. But – who the hell is that guy after all?! Must this be a mystery for all times? I’m really curious.

    Moreover, I find it legitimate to open this spot for other outstanding beards. There ARE many more of them!

  3. I too have this question. Why is it that of all the Featured Beards on the site, the Truly Outstanding Beard is the only one that doesn’t have a name, and for that matter, didn’t fill the questionnaire? I would have liked to read that that guy had to said to all the questions regarding being bearded.

    Call me crazy but I always wanted to be a very hairy guy, like him… too bad I’m not like that. That guy not only gives me beard-envy, but body-hair-envy as well. I consider myself hairy (forearms, chest, stomach…) but this guy would make me look like a 9 year old boy. I bet he has a lot to say about people’s reactions, comments, etc. etc… probably some cool stories. Get him to answer the questions please! I bet I’m not the only one who’d enjoy reading the answers! 🙂

    PS: This is my first ever comment here. GREAT Website. Been checking it out for a while now.

  4. Thanks, Stan and Arturo!

    We do not have a featured beards interview with him because the featured beards section did not exist at the time that his photos were submitted to be on the site. Initially there was a showcase opened up for his photos on the site. Then the featured beards section came along and his photos were moved into it. I agree that an interview with him would be great. Will see if I can track him down and if he would be willing to do an interview.

    Thanks, Arturo, for the kind words for the site!

  5. I think Paul is a nice prospect for the profile picture cuz the beard he carry is awesome. The “truly outstanding beard” is nice but he also is showing the chest and this site is just for beards,my opinion.
    The idea of changing the profile picture is excellent it gives the opportunity for many members to participate.A contest will be awesome and having a monthly new beard will be great.

  6. Hi, Norbert. Thanks for your feedback. The idea of a contest and monthly new beard on the logo is interesting. I’ll think about it. But I think I’d prefer to keep the logo the same for a long period of time. We might do the contest and monthly winner in some other way on the site. Thanks again.

  7. I thought for sure my comment wouldn’t be read, let alone replied to!

    Steve, I am willing to bet as I said in my post that this Truly Outstanding Beard man probably has great stories to tell, or has heard some crazy and/or funny lines from people, be it friends or strangers. I bet he’s heard a thing or two if he ever went to a pool or a beach as well, hah. I can only hope you can track him down and he is the type of guy that wont mind typing and sharing whatever he thinks is worth sharing. I’ve truly enjoyed reading the guy’s answers to the questions and their experiences and I’d like to believe I’m not the only one who does. Someone with such incredible beard (and on top of that, so much body hair) MUST have interesting things to share, that this site’s visitors would appreciate.

    If you do attempt to get in touch with him then thanks for trying, wether you get a response or not!

  8. Hello, Arturo!

    Thanks for the additional thoughts on TOBG (truly outstanding beard guy). You are providing good motivation to try to track him down. Thanks to a kind helper, I’ve been given a lead that may help find him. Will give it a try!

  9. Although in my opinion not many can compare to TOBG’s incredibly awesome beard, I like Paul’s beard for the new logo — a truly fine and excellent choice. It’s great to change things up once in a while. And if you change it again or go back to TOBG, that’s fine too. Would love to see if anyone can track down TOBG. I wonder what he looks like now. He’s got remarkable hirsute traits. There are so many other great beards, but I also find Steven and Dave to have excellent examples of superior beards.

    This is the best site on beards out there. Thanks Steve for all the work you put into it!

  10. Hi, Glenn!

    Thanks for sharing your perspective. It would be great to get in touch with TOBG. Thanks, too, for your high compliment for beards.org. I truly appreciate that, Glenn!

  11. Hi Steve.

    Thanks again for trying. I am actually quite curious as to why the attempt hasn’t been done before, because honestly I find the answers and stories very interesting. If every “Featured Beard” would just be a folder with a bunch of pics, it just wouldn’t be the same. Sure we could just appreciate and/or admire the great beards on these men, but these words give them a personality also, it’s a little like getting to know them a bit.

    Michael, for example, is an example of one I really enjoyed reading. His tales about co-workers comments, a stranger refusing help with his car because of the beard, etc., is just fun to read. Paul (since he’s being discussed as the logo) also said that deep down he loves being called “that guy with the beard”. I have to wonder: would he go around saying that out loud? Probably not. But over the internet these guys probably feel more comfortable sharing these stories/feelings/experiences that their beards brought to them. I’m thinking they probably don’t go through life talking to their friends about these things… (But maybe they do??? heh heh).

    Sorry I feel like typing a lot lately. Steve, I don’t know if you’ll keep replying to my ramblings at this point, but I do have a question: is there a picture of you on the site? I’m curious as to what the guy behind this website looks like.

  12. Sorry but I just noticed my last line could make look like a “weirdo”. I should have said I was curious about the Website’s creator’s BEARD specifically. Yeah it means almost the same but I guess it’s better worded. (English is a second language to me).

  13. I think the change on the logo is ok, but I think that is better to leave it untouched for a long period of time, it’s the trademark of the website!

  14. ¡Gracias, Giovanni! I think I’ll leave it changed for a while now. And if I do change it again, it will likely go back to the original.

  15. Hi guys. I think you should leave Paul up there. His beard is phenomenal. It was seeing pictures of Paul’s beard that convinced me to take growing my beard seriously. That’s the best looking beard I have ever seen! He deserves to be up there (not that the other fella doesn’t, I just prefer Pauls beard). Just a side note, does anyone know how long it took for Paul to grow his beard to how it’s seen in the pic. I truly hope I can get my beard like that.

  16. It would be nice for you to have interviews about all of your featured beards.

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