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  1. 9 million is awsome. I could not find a spot to post a new blog. So I will ask here. What does everyone feel about having a beard and being in a wedding? BTW i am in beard growing contest with a friend and the wedding is in a month. Any feedback?

  2. Thanks, Roger!

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a beard and being in a wedding. You can be clean and well-groomed with the beard. The thing is that many brides-to-be totally freak out at the thought of a beard being in the wedding. That’s the biggest problem. Sometimes they can launch powerful resistance. Whether or not you give in depends on how strongly you feel about keeping the beard and what the fallout may be with the bride. Good luck!

  3. @ Roger

    There’s nothing wrong with beards at weddings. I have been in several of my friends’ weddings with a full beard, and with Friendly Mutton Chops (aka the Burnsides) for others. Your friends want you to be there, and as much as your beard is an extension of you, they should want you to wear it.

  4. Wes,

    Good for you! However, don’t underestimate the amount of pressure a beard-fearing bride-to-be can bring to bear. Even Dave, whose photo is in this post, was “forced” to shave for a wedding. Fortunately, in his case, he could grow out the beard again so quickly that it was only a brief sacrifice.

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