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the art of bearded manliness


Beards are all about manliness.  But there is a lot more to manliness than beards.  To make the most of your bearded manliness, you should check out The Art of Manliness.  It is an amazing site devoted to the lost art of manliness.  You’ll find all kinds of articles with great advice and information there.  The site also is home to a thriving online community.

Plenty of our fans and friends found beards.org through The Art of Manliness.  A beards.org guest article on The Art of Manliness site has been quite popular.  For the last three years, the article has brought countless new visitors to beards.org.  It is still going strong, bringing a constant stream of new visitors to beards.org every day.  You can find the article here: Growing a Manly Beard.

Enjoy better living through bearded manliness: beards.org + The Art of Manliness = a winning combination, the art of bearded manliness!