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Your beard is important

Your beard is important and so are you!

Chris and I came across an intriguing sticker that someone had slapped onto a structural column. We were doing a photo shoot for beards.org that day in the summer heat. We took one photo of Chris and the sticker, which you see as the featured image at the top of this post.

The thought-provoking message of the “YOU ARE IMPORTANT” sticker got me to thinking that if you are important, well your beard is important, too.

A beard’s importance

Your beard is important. Chris featured beard image 1.
Grow your beard proudly and with purpose. Your beard is important and so are you. Beard: Chris. Click on image to view larger.

How can a beard be important? Cynics may say that it’s ridiculous, that a beard is just hair. Well, it is made of hair. But it’s much more than that. While people may not come right out and say it, they put a lot of importance on hair. Otherwise, why do men and women spend so much on haircuts, hair styling, hair coloring, and hair products each year? Simply put, the care and styling of one’s hair is an important part of maintaining one’s image. Both men and women put a great deal of importance on looking their best. For a man, his beard is an important part of looking his best.

For a man, some may think that his beard is just an optional feature of his appearance. However, his beard is one of a man’s most powerful options because of how dramatically it can change his appearance. The ability to change a man’s appearance so significantly gives the beard a great deal of importance.

Growing a beard, especially for the first time, can require courage. For many, it takes a lot of courage. It also takes dedication. A man can learn a lot about himself by experiencing the beard-growing process. The self-knowledge a man gains by growing his beard can provide an important boost to his confidence and self-esteem. It’s not just growing a beard. It often is a life-changing adventure.

The boost a beard brings to a man’s confidence and self-esteem also builds courage, dedication, perseverance, and other qualities that can lead a man to become a better man. And a better man can do greater things for himself, for others, and for the world. You never know how much impact a good, bearded man can have.

Live free and bearded

Your beard is important. Chris featured beard image 5.
Exercise your freedom to grow your beard. It’s important! Beard: Chris. Click on image to view larger.

For many men, growing a beard represents freedom. This is especially common among men after leaving military service. Having been subjected to compulsory shaving while serving, growing a beard after military service gives a sweet sense of freedom. Few things are more prized than freedom. When your beard represents your freedom, that’s important.

Grow your beard and grow stronger

Your beard affects how you see yourself. If seeing your beard in the mirror brings a smile to your face and makes you feel happy, that is like a magical source of strength and energy. If you believe that your beard greatly enhances your appearance, it fortifies your confidence and makes you feel better about yourself. If your beard makes you feel better about yourself, you have more power to do better in all your endeavors. And that’s important.

Your beard is a one-of-a-kind gift

Your beard is unique in the world. Your beard is yours alone. It adds to your uniqueness. Recognizing how unique you are as a bearded man is important. There are things that only you can contribute to others and to the world. Your beard enhances that.

Your beard is an important part of you. You can deny your beard by keeping it shaved off. Or you can more naturally and fully express yourself by growing your beard. Your beard can be an important part of expressing your true identity. If you were blessed with the ability to grow a beard, think about that. It’s there for a reason. Don’t deny your beard. Don’t shave it. Share your important gift of beard with the world. Let it grow!

Be a beard hero

Your beard is important. Chris featured beard image 2.
Grow your beard proudly. It’s important. And you are important, too. Beard: Chris. Click on image to view larger.

Your beard is important to others, too. Without even knowing it, you may be serving as a beard role model or even a beard hero to others. For someone wanting to grow a beard for the first time, seeing you as a strong, successful, established beard grower may give them the confidence to get through the beard-growing process. For those who waver and are about to run for the razor, the sight or even just the memory of your beard may be all it takes to encourage them to stay with it and continue growing their new beard.

You and your beard surely serve as an inspiration to others. You and your beard may provide a powerful vision of a hardy, masculine, bearded future to a young boy or teen who dreams of growing a beard like yours when he grows up. Do not underestimate the importance of this!

Further, your beard may inspire relatives, friends, or strangers to grow their beards. This really happens, often without your knowledge. Your beard is also important to non-beard growers, both people you know as well as complete strangers. Your children may adore their father’s beard. Your beard may make you seem extra special to nieces and nephews and other relatives along with friends, neighbors, colleagues, and other acquaintances.

The chance sighting of you and your beard in public may bring smiles to countless strangers. Your beard’s splendor is a marvel of nature that commands the attention and admiration of many.

You can never know how much your beard has affected others.

You are important

Of course you are more than just your beard. You are important, too.

As a bearded man, you have an opportunity to help advance beard acceptance and appreciation. By being bearded, you are a living advertisement for beards. You are a beard representative to everyone you see.

Your beard is important. Chris featured beard image 4.
Your beard is important and so are you. Live strong. Live bearded and be your best authentic self. Beard: Chris. Click on image to view larger.

I encourage all bearded men to invest in themselves. Leverage your bearded confidence and strength to be your best. As more and more men grow beards, more people get to know us. The more that bearded men present themselves as strong, honorable role models, the more they erode stereotypical anti-beard bias. This helps to elevate the general perception of bearded men, which leads to greater acceptance of beards and greater appreciation. While beards on men are more common nowadays and are far more accepted than they have been in ages, anti-beard bias still exists. The more beards are accepted and appreciated, the more freedom all men will have to grow their beards as they see fit.

By being your best as a bearded man, you help yourself. You also help your family, friends, and others. Your beard is important and so are you. Never forget that. Live bearded always and prosper.

Get inspired to grow your beard!

The power of beard inspiration

Have you wanted to grow your beard but just can’t get started? Or have you started growing your beard one or more times and haven’t been able to stay with it? Or have you never even thought of growing your beard? You probably could use some beard-growing inspiration!

Getting inspired to grow your beard may be the key to strengthening your motivation to start growing. Inspiration also strengthens your dedication to staying with it all the way to beard-growing success. Beard-growing inspiration can be a major power source to get you from being beardless to being bearded.

Already bearded but are hesitant about growing bigger or bolder? You could use some beard-growing inspiration, too.

Here are some easy steps to take you down the road to success:

  1. Get inspired to grow your beard.
  2. Start growing. Follow our beard-growing guide.
  3. Refer to your inspiration whenever you need to stay motivated and continue growing.
  4. Commit to growing for a long enough time to give your new beard growth a proper chance: six weeks or more.
  5. Enjoy your beard-growing success!

Keep reading to learn about multiple sources for inspiration to get you growing your beard or growing your existing beard to a new level.

Sources of beard inspiration

Look at beard examples

Seeing the beards that others have grown can be a great source of beard-growing inspiration. The variety of beards out there is endless. Each one is unique and many may inspire you to see what you can grow.

Where to look to see beard examples?

  • For inspirational beard photos and the encouraging stories behind them, see our featured beards and beard success stories. We also have thousands of beard photos available for viewing in our beard galleries.
  • There are plenty of other online sources for inspirational beard photos. The biggest is probably Instagram.
  • You can also view beards in real life in your environment. Pay attention whenever you may see random bearded men on the street or at work. You can even take a break some time at a good people-watching spot and watch for any bearded passersby. Every beard you see is a potential source of inspiration.

Consider beard role models

A beard role model can be a tremendous source of inspiration. He can also be a big help to keep you growing whenever you feel unsure about continuing your new beard-growing adventure.

A beard role model can be anyone you are aware of who has a beard that you admire. The beard role model does not have to be someone you personally know. He could be a friend, relative, or co-worker. Or he could just be someone you don’t know but happen to see occasionally during your regular routine. A beard role model could also be a public figure seen on television or other media. Someone you follow on Instagram or other social media could also serve as a beard role model.

The value of beard role models is that they are a persistent source of beard-growing inspiration. Whenever you think about giving up, think about your beard role model. Remind yourself that the beard role model is staying bearded and you can, too. With your beard role model in mind, refresh your inspiration and keep growing!

Seek guidance and encouragement from a successful beard grower

If someone you know has a beard that you admire, consider asking him for guidance and encouragement. Most bearded guys are happy to be of assistance to a new beard-grower’s effort to grow his beard. Bearded guys are usually happy as well to give advice and encouragement to an existing beard grower who wants to take his beard to a new level.

Just having a beard adviser can do wonders to bolster your motivation and commitment. Their advice or even just a nudge of encouragement may be all you need to stay on track toward your beard-growing success.

If you don’t know anyone bearded who could give you advice and encouragement, you could ask a non-bearded friend or relative to be your beard “sponsor”. They could provide you with ongoing encouragement all along the way on your new beard-growing journey.

Spend time thinking about and visualizing yourself as bearded

Your thoughts and feelings can be an internal source of great beard-growing inspiration. Spend some quiet time alone for thinking and meditation.

Also, get out and go for a walk, or go for a hike, bicycle ride, or other outdoor activity to get fresh air and a fresh perspective, an opportunity to generate fresh ideas. This could include fresh ideas about growing your beard. When you’re out in nature, remember that your beard is a natural part of you. Why deny it? Embrace your beard and choose to grow it.

While spending time on thoughts and meditation, visualize yourself as already being bearded and enjoying that new identity. Visualize this so strongly that you feel the excitement of already living as a bearded man.

Picture yourself as a confident, bearded man whose friends and associates admire him for his independence as a beard grower. Also imagine yourself performing your regular activities as a bearded man. View yourself as a successful, confident, beard grower who sets a great example for others to follow.

Inspired beard growing

What’s next? Get inspired to grow your beard and start growing. Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Don’t be shy. Grow your beard with great enthusiasm and confidence. Congratulations on your new beard!

the importance of hanging in there

A site visitor wrote in with encouraging words that underscore the value of not abandoning all hope. His essay is quoted here, with permission, in its entirety:

I would like to offer encouragement to all fair-haired guys who have lost faith in their capabilities for beard growing when they compare themselves to their dark friends with steel wool whiskers who have a visible beard after 3 or 4 days of not shaving.

I have light brown hair but nature saw it fit to give me a white blond mustache and mouche and light brown sideburns with a slight reddish cast to them (Scottish ancestors I guess). I never tried to grow a beard for more than 3 or so weeks as it always looked like one of those attempts which one forces in high school — patchy, multicolored, and feeble, with bits missing between the goatee and the sideburns. It also seemed to grow extremely slowly (when compared to other people).

After not shaving on an extended vacation the year I turned 35, I was freed of the self-judgement and self-consciousness which usually put paid to my attempts in the past and I hung in there for more than a month. My beard underwent a dramatic transformation after 6 weeks, when all of a sudden it filled in and out and looked like a Beard!

When I shaved it off after a couple of months (a mistake which I set about rectifying as soon as I had done it), my boss’ comment to me was: “why did you shave, the beard made you look ‘power'”!

Since I have grown it back, I have been getting nothing but good feedback from people (male and female) and it has done wonders for my confidence in my appearance.

So to all of you mouse-brown, blond, or ginger guys out there, give it at least 6 — 8 weeks. Hang in there and let it grow, you will be surprised with the results.