all about beards made its first appearance on the web on the 17th of January of 1996. The site’s original objective was to promote beards in a positive manner. Thirteen years later, all about beards is the longest-running beard site on the web and the site remains dedicated to its original mission. We have come a long way, but there’s much more in store. With an eye on a bright future, our thirteenth anniversary year promises to be the best yet!

3 thoughts on “thirteen!”

  1. My wholeheartedly congratulations for this website which honour the web. I am from Italy, a land in which to be bearded is still not seen very well, a nation of chicken-like behaviour…
    You represent a Beacon in the field of adversity, in this mangy nation…
    I am joking, but not much, not much.
    Anyway, thank you very much.
    My congratulation to the bearded of this website, to anyone who shared his photos.

  2. This has been the best bearded website ever!! I wasn’t sure for many years about having a beard or not and your site gave me the courage to go for it. Steve, you’re doing a great job and thank you so much for your efforts.

    Bearded greetings from Uruguay!

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