Twenty-five million plus 18 plus 60,000!

Twenty-five million beard gallery views
We hit 25 million on the gallery counter at 01:43 AM PST (Pacific Standard Time) on January 18, 2014! This counter began when the beards of the world gallery was first moved into the current gallery system on January 26, 2006. The real count is unknown but higher because of deletions and other roll-backs over the years. Still, it’s worth taking note each time we’ve displayed another million beard photos via the gallery.

We just celebrated eighteen years of all about beards the day before, on January 17, 2014. And just before 10:00 PM PST on January 16, 2014 we reached 60,000 likes on our Facebook page! Let’s keep growing!

25 million screen shot

Oh, and whose photo was the 25 millionth? It was Jess!

6 thoughts on “Twenty-five million plus 18 plus 60,000!”

  1. I’m proud of this site and the exposure it’s offered to thousands of men who want to show their beards to the world. Some of the world’s best facial hair is to be found in the galleries and featured beard sections. The simple how-to guides for beard design and maintenance have helped and doubtless many others along the road to embracing beardhood after many false-starts and shaving mistakes.

    The site could not have lasted this long or been this popular without a great guy at the helm. I think I speak for everyone when I salute Steve, the webmaster/owner, for providing us with an outlet for our pictures and comments. You’re an awesome friend to bearded men everywhere!

    Wishing everyone a happy and hairy 2014.

  2. Hello, Joey,

    Thanks! I appreciate your kind words of support. I also salute you for your great beard-growing powers! Happy beard year 2014 to you!

  3. Steve as a newbie to the beard growing( I am just four months into this) I want to say thanks for a site for men by men that feels and looks like a guys site. And thanks for all the help and directions found in your site I wouldn’t have made it this far without it. Almost shaved it off two months into this and I am glad I didn’t. But I am hooked now no turning back. Its kind of a band of brothers thing cant put my finger on it but its great!
    And thank you for what you are doing for beard growing world wide. You are awesome!

    Roger S
    Lincoln California

    1. Welcome, Roger, to the ranks of the bearded. Thanks all your kind words! Much appreciated! Best of luck to you with your new beard.

  4. I’m 26 years old and have no hair in my beard at all except some hair in my chin and mustache. I want to have a beard out of smooth unhairy skin. what can I do ?? please help me

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