a new beard battle

A new beard battle is about to start. It’s The Great Beard Battle, a Hyde Park, New York beard-growing contest. These brave men are competing in a beard contest during the sweltering summer heat. Wimps, they are not. We shall see! Kudos to their fearless webmaster and good luck to all the participants!

UPDATE: The battle fizzled and the link is no longer any good. 🙁

4 thoughts on “a new beard battle”

  1. I think that is great , We as bearded men need to get our message out . I would love to go to a contest just to meet other bearded men , and celebrate our ” Special Gift ” of beard growing .I bet you wont find a nicer bunch of men anywhere on the planet .

  2. Debbie,

    It’s one of the mysteries of nature. Various ethnic groups may share certain physical characteristics, one of which may be a lack of facial hair. Even among ethnic groups that do commonly develop facial hair, there is still much variation among individuals. Unfortunately, being able to grow a beard is a privilege that is not granted to all. This is a great source of frustration and anxiety to those who yearn to grow a beard and physically cannot do so.

  3. I have been contemplating starting a website where it’s dedicated to beard battles. Why? Well, myself being a mix of Scottish and German seem to be able to have a good 1/2″+ full beard in roughly 1 week. I have a Norwegian friend who can seem to keep up and it had me thinking how great it would be to have a site dedicated to beard battling, and how we’d be able to compare diets, nationalities, atmosphere and other contributing factors to our facial masterpieces. Anyone interested?

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