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the most-frequently-asked question about beards

Through the site, I get lots and lots of questions about beards all the time. Over the years, the question that I get most often comes from guys who report having little or no beard development. They ask if there is a cream, a medicine, or some other remedy that they can use to produce beard growth.

The sad truth is that there is no magic solution to produce beard growth where there is little or none. If the guy is young, patience may be the answer, as there is always the chance that he will develop more facial hair in the future. Otherwise, unless there is a medical problem inhibiting beard development, there’s really not much that can be done.

Many who ask this question express having a great deal of anxiety over their insufficient beard growth. Some have even reported contemplating suicide because of extreme frustration and powerful feelings of inferiority that stem from the inability to grow a beard. I recognize that it is a serious problem for them. Although others may insensitively dismiss it as being trivial, it is not. For many, the pain and frustration are profound.

I encourage all guys to work on accepting the level of beard development that they have and learning to make the most of it. If it still bothers a guy enough, I encourage him to consult a medical doctor. The doctor may not be able to help him develop more beard growth, but should be able to assist the patient in understanding the situation and help him to build coping skills. This is one of the toughest lessons about beards.

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  1. Although I know – both direct and indirect – that many are not content about their facial hair. But I didn’t know it could go to that extent. I’m afraid I don’t have much to contribute to this matter at the moment, but I could share a quote from a conversatiion I had with a younger friend.

    “My father once told me ‘I see you’ve inherited my weak beard-growth’ to I replied ‘You mean I should have inherited it from mom?'”

    Sure, his mom might’ve had some bearded relatives or such, but it still sounded strange. My friend gave up on ever growing a beard when he was 14 years old. He’s 16 now, and I wasn’t even close to having a beard when I was 16 (though I could grow nasty sideburns!) Didn’t get one until now, when I’m 19 years old. Really a shame that he’s given up already, well I hope he’s proven wrong (if he wants to have a beard, that is) when he’s a bit older. His younger brother wants a beard, and still has some hope.

    Facial hair is tricky. I can grow a beard, but not a mustache. My older brother can’t grow either, and my younger brother seems like he’s going to be able to grow a mustache at least. My father has a mustache, and seem’s like he could grow a nice beard but I’ve never seen him with one.

    For the record, 50% of my ‘IRL’ friends have nice beards.

    “Hige wa saikou desu~!”


  3. I have a couple Taiwanese friends who I watched mature through their twenties from having just a handful of hairs on their face to being able to grow respectable goatees. That may be no help to the depressed guys, but like others I would just encourage patience.

  4. I like my beard – Its my chest hair Im not happy with . Is there a cream or product to make it grow in thicker ?

  5. At 46 , I finally happy with my beard , althought it has taken years , My mustache is finally growing thicker and darker . I know how some of the following men have felt about there patchy or sparse beard growth . I went through It for years , My Dad a life-time ” Clean-Shaver ” has beautiful thick whiskers – But refuses to grow a beard . My Dad looks like Kenny Rodgers without a beard – with one he could look like his brother . My Dad used to get on me as a teenager – telling me to “Wash that damn dirt off your face ” – That really hurt . I have a weak chin , people like my clean shaven face better , but I dont – I NEED to have a beard – Always! . My two teenage sons refuse to grow a beard , both have their moms thick hair , My older son , John Jr , has very dark thick hair and would look like Osama Binladen if he didnt shave , Me and his brother call him ” Jihad Johnny ” . I wont give up on either of them , Someday maybe they would make Dad happy and grow a beard .

    P.S.. .. I have found that Consort Holding Gel # 10 , When applied to your beard can thicken it , also Waxman Mustache Wax , and It smells good too.

  6. i m 23 yrs old guy from india.i have very less facial hair on my face.which hair r there r too weak and light.thatno one can recognize that there r any bread in my face or not.i want good bread and hairs on my cheast.Is there any way.Plz help me out.

  7. To whom it might concern…how do YOUs recommend that i persist-oN with my DREAM to prosper in the area of my facial hair ??

    Meaning, I have a goatee, but, it goes thru so many stages, meaning,
    some hairs are courser than others, some are LONGer, some are more and less straight, some stronger–apparently the roots for them particular ones, some are seemingly shorter ’cause the wind distracts them often times ….

    MY KEY GOAL is to re-grow out the goatee to be like I had it about 5 years ago, when I was 23 yRs. oLd.

    Back in theM-dayz’, my goatee was a HEAVEN-SENTed, meaning,
    each hair was inexplicably + undeniably STRAIGHT, and also each one
    was STRONG, + each hair was evidently real STRONG [yeA’, winds had to be REAL strong to move ‘eM].

    ANywaYz’, if anyone knows on Earth ’bout this, it’s YOUs.

  8. I am 50 years old and my chin whiskers are grey. Not much luck on on the cheeks or burns. All i can come up with is the grizzled look.

    So I concentrate on the goatie that grows in well in about three days.

    The stashe is light red and i shave it on the sides about 1/4 inch daily.

    Vitamin E seems to help.


  9. Gabby , I have the same problem . Check out my pictures under United States – Ohio -John . My chins been gray since age 29 , Im now 46 , Ive tried to cover it up with dye , but in a few days , the grey pops back thru . So Ive accepted it . Good Luck on the beard growth . God Bless / Take Care – Ohio John .

  10. hi! I’m 18 and i want to grow beard (better fullbeard). but i’m very dissappointed because i can’t. i’ve got thin hairs, and they are not as much as i want. can i do anything to grow a beard?

  11. Spanish guy: You should just wait and be patient to see if your beard will further develop over the years. At eighteen, chances should be good. If you are sufficiently concerned, though, you should consult a physician. Good luck to you.

  12. Thank you Steve. What do you mean with “At eighteen, chances should be good”? Should my beard have grown already?

  13. I mean that for most guys, their beards are not fully developed by age eighteen. So you likely could look forward to more beard development in the coming years. It’s not guaranteed, but I would not come to any conclusions at eighteen. Just wait and see what happens over time.

  14. im 17 and can grow a full mustache ands sideburns, also alot of hair around my chin. my cheeks are weak but the more i shave the more hair that comes through. ive been shaving with an electic razor. seems to work. my cheeks are getting more hair on them everyday it seem. i should have a full beard in no time. its gonna be awesome

  15. That’s great news, Jake! It’s really not the shaving that’s causing more hair to grow. That would be happening anyway. Good luck with your beard!

  16. I’m 19 and have a full beard and moustache. it’s not to the length i want it but it seemed natural for me to grow a beard, since at first sight my dad had a beard when i was a baby. so i think that is sort of why i love beards. it’s comfortable for me to have one. it’s like a distinction of sorts.



  17. my moustache wont come in fully it has a blank patch and then on the sides it has full length that strange or what should i do? wait it our or something? let me know.

  18. I would say that you have a full beard with some gaps or patches. These may or may not fill in over time. As always, just make the best of what you have. If you like the way it looks, keep it. If you don’t like the way it looks, you might trim it down into a different style. If that doesn’t work for you, then you can wait and see if it fills in more each year. Good luck to you.

  19. Thank ya for the tips, and the info mate. heh, my mother hates me beard but i love it with a passion lad. it gives me let’s say a characteristic that’s unique to myself. I love being out of the crowd and always have been. is the reason that i don’t have it all filled in is because of the gaps? It isnt as thick as let’s say a 34 year olds beard. Mine it’s just kind of.. i dunno it’s not quite like a older males beard. Does that change over time? It’s not like the way an older guys beard looks if that makes any sense. are those gaps permanent or will those get thicker and fill in over time.? anyway thank’s for helping me out man it helps alot.



    P.S. is my mustache filled in all the way or no?

  20. thank ya for the tips lad. What are the gaps and patches caused from if you know? and if you think you have any suggestions on what type of beard might fit my face better let me know that’d be cool if you could give me some reccomendations to try. I’m thinking of trying something new.




  22. Steve, i was wondering what you meant by gaps and patches. Where are they located on my beard if you wouldn’t mind showin’ me. I’m fairly new to growing a beard so that’d be great.



  23. Hey Guys! At the age of 19 I look in the mirror and wonder if I can feel the satisfaction as millions of other men across the world do by having a beard. My mom has always told me that I’ll never grow any facial hair, that my grandpa never had any in his years. However, her theory has been proven wrong. At 16 I had a good length mustache and by the age of 18 I grew thickly on my chin. I am now 19, aging near 20 and I seem to be growing what might develop into a beard, but might take some more time and patience. Strangely enough the hair that does grow on each of my cheek varies. One cheek has more hair covering the area and the other cheek is missing, but a small patch. I see what could be a development, but there’s a slight fear of never accomplishing it. My prime has yet to peak so I may be in for luck. Any suggestions?

  24. Hi, Chris,

    I’d say to just be patient and keep an eye on how your beard growth develops over the coming years. Good luck to you!

  25. hello,
    i just want to say that all you guys in your early twenties should give it more time with your beard growth. i’ve wanted a beard since i was a little kid. i’m 32 now, and still my beard grows more like that of an eighteen year old. i know genetics play a role in this, but i seem to be the only male in my family not able to grow a decent beard. my brother’s grew full by his late twenties at least. i’ve literally been shaving since i was eight years old. i thought even back then that if i started shaving that early it would grow good by the time i was old enough. now, at 32, admittedly it’s never grown as much as it does now; i can get a decent stash, o.k. goatee and maybe a sorry excuse for sideburns, but the sides are still barely there. i even tried growing it for a whole year without taking a razor to it at all, and only trimming it with clippers once in between. i found that if you really let it grow for a very long time, you may be able to slightly cover some of the bald patches with some hair growing above a bald area; a little bit of it did grow long enough to sort of hang down over some of the baldness below; however, even then i could brush the hair away and reveal the big bald spots. i shaved the beard off about a month ago, and now i’m trying to grow it back. i’m putting some Rogaine on my face even though i’ve heard very little evidence of it working for that; i have heard that it has caused some people to grow facial hair as a side effect-hope i get that one! So remember, younger guys, i’m 32, i grew it for a whole year and it’s still skimpy. however, i’m never going to stop trying! by the way, there are some interesting videos on youtube, where guys filmed themselves growing a beard everyday and show it to you in a few minutes. go there and type in, “growing a beard.” and you’ll find some of these.- they’re very interesting to watch, although the nice thick beards these guys can grow make me quite jealous!

  26. Hi guys,

    I have consulted a doctor since i do not have proper beard. And i have been advised to take SUSTANON injections for 10 weeks.
    I dont know whether that works or not if sombody has any information about plzz advice.

  27. Ajay,
    We cannot give medical advice on this site. If you have any questions about this, you should direct them to your doctor or seek a second opinion from another doctor. Good luck to you.

  28. If you and the other men in your family have beards that grow differently (in the distribution and number of beard hairs, speed, colors, coarseness, etc.) be thankful for the variety of genes that combined to make you! The health benefits of being a genetic mutt are less visible than one’s face but still wonderful.

  29. it’s odd, but it seems to me that shaving makes your facial hair tougher. anyway, at 19 i still cannot grow my beard. i tried it this summer, but all i got were tiny long hairs that caused the sensation of having a tiny coat of down over my skin. my facial hairs grow very separated one from another. i don’t know what to do. i’ve got some friends of 20 that have a full grown beard and make me jealous, i’ve always wanted i beard you know…
    but i think there is no chance. if it has to grow, it will grow sooner or later… but i don’t want to wait more!!!!
    i think there are not, but if somebody knows any tip that could help me i’d be really happy
    have a nice day!!

  30. Spanish guy,

    Mainly all you can do is to wait and be patient. As you get older, you’ll see if more hair develops on your face. Good luck to you!

  31. i’ve got just a few countable beard and dosn’t grow to the shape i want, how do i improve the growth.
    Please, is a big concern, i am 31year old an actor and the major roles i win are being denied me just because of my baby face.
    thank you i wish to recieve your possitive responce soonest.

  32. Ferdinand,
    The only thing you can do is either accept what you have or seek advice from a medical doctor. And a medical doctor may not be able to do anything for you short of recommending hair transplants or something drastic like that. Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer for you. Good luck to you.

  33. Is beard growth inherited from both sides of your family? Or is it more to one side?

  34. That’s a good question, Sean. I don’t have an authoritative answer for you. I’m sure that both sides have an influence. I don’t know if one side may dominate. From real life examples that I’ve seen, it seems plausible that one side may have a greater influence than the other. I would like to see some scientific studies on this.

  35. Steve, how even-handed of you! The anecdotal (scientific jargon for a handful of stories rather than careful surveys and experiments) examples I’ve seen in print and around me seem to point to the mother’s side’s controlling at least the ability to produce a beard.

    One woman who went through sex-change surgery (and the accompanying hormone treatments) in the 1990’s produces a thick beard now as transgendered man. I saw this in a credible publication.

    Here is what I’ve seen in many people around me:
    When a man who can produce a thick beard has a son by a woman whose male relatives in her maternal line cannot produce thick beards, the son usually cannot produce a thick beard. When a man who cannot produce a thick beard has a son by a woman whose male relatives in her maternal line can produce thick beards, the son usually can produce a thick beard. I’ve seen both cases.

    I have no idea how much each side influences the follicle “map,” the hair textures, or the hair colors of a beard.

  36. I’ve heard that baldness comes from your mother’s side … yet I get my balding tendancies from my dad’s side of the family.

    On my mother’s side I have only two pictures of bearded ancestors. One has a “chin strap” and the other a full beard.

    On dad’s side I have pictures of four bearded ancestors and their’s are more impressive than Mom’s ancestors.

    I have heard that balding men are the ones with the thickest beards … I can not prove that but I am balding and do have substancial beard growth.

    I am sure that growing a “good” beard is in the genes but where do those genes come from????? I simply do not know.


  37. Hello-

    I’m 34 and trying to grow a beard. I’ve had a goatee/mustache years ago but I’m not the most hairy guy so I’m not sure if I can pull off a beard. It is very thin and low through the cheek area though it seems ok in the neck, jaw, and chin. I’m 10 days into it. Should I let it grow for 30 days to see what happen? Can you look at how a beard is growing and determine what it will look like when it is done?

    Thanks your help


  38. Ed, Let it grow for at least 90 days. This will give your beard time to fill in. Not all beards grow at the same rate and not all areas of the face fill in as fast.

    Good luck and happy growing.


  39. Hello everyone.

    First I would like to say that this is a great site. I have had a beard for about 2 months (I am 29 years old) and I have tried to keep it nice and trimmed but I am simply not pleased with how I have shaped my beard. The growth is certainly there but the hairs stray too much. I recently bought a WAHL 9916-817 Groomsman ® Beard & Mustache Trimmer. Is anyone familiar with this particular model?

    Anyway, I am one who would rather continue having a beard but I need to shape it accordingly. Dale’s beard was simply perfect. I will try to imitate his beard.

  40. Ed:
    If you’re not sure, let it keep growing for a while longer. Too often, guys give up before giving the beard enough time. In many cases, it will fill in and look good even when in the early stages it may look weak. In some cases, however, that may not be the outcome. Only you can decide for sure how well you like it. Just be sure to give it enough time to make a fair assessment. Good luck.

  41. Hello, A.B.,

    Congratulations on being bearded for two months so far! I’m not familiar with that specific Wahl trimmer, but that is one of the leading brands. Shaping your beard with a trimmer is something of an art. You’ll get better at it with practice. Always keep in mind the principle that you can’t immediately “undo” trimming, so take small steps at first. You can always keep trimming in small increments if you feel that you didn’t take off enough in the first pass. Even if you do take off too much in one trimming, just chalk it up to experience and let it grow back out. Good luck to you.

  42. Ed (from Feb. 13),

    My facial hair seems to grow at medium speed. I don’t get my beard’s and mustache’s real texture until about two months.

    From the way you’ve described your face, I’d suggest waiting two months before starting any high-maintenance styling. In the meantime you could shave below your mandible-neck crease and use a trimmer (or fingers, scissors and comb) to keep everything short while waiting for the slower-growing hairs fill in, and then let the beard go longer in stages until it reaches the preferred length.

    If the follicle map for your mustache is thin, you could let your mustache grow over your upper lip and then trim it back in (small!) stages.

  43. A.B. (from Feb. 15),

    If you hairs stray, then you probably have a beard like mine, which looks good either really short or really long.

  44. Hi, yall!

    I’d like to say that I’m glad I found this site! There’s a lot of really great info and feedback here – after all, how often do you have a discussion with others about your face?

    I’m 59, and I have a moustache and a goatee. I grew my moustache 30 years ago, and it’s never been shaved off since. It inspired my father, who’d been clean-shaven his whole life, to grow one of his own!

    Although my moustache is very full, the sides of my face are extremely sparse of hair, to the point where I only have to shave them once or twice a week!

    I believe this is due to genetic influence from the maternal side of my family, which is of central Russian ancestry. There is a definite Eurasian influence on the maternal side – I have 3 uncles with noticable Asian eyefolds, who only shave on a weekly or biweekly basis!

    It was just last fall that I noticed that the hair on my chin had developed to the point where it might be possible for me to grow a goatee. I gave this a try, and after a couple of months I now have a decent goatee – although it’s white as can be!

    This doesn’t bother me at all. I do have some friends who make comments from time to time about how I should color my goatee, like the ads shown on TV. I think that dyed beards look extremely artificial, and that they are VERY noticable! (Like Billy Mays, the “Oxyclean” pitchman!)

    To all the people who wish their beards could be thicker, look at my age (59), and I know it was only in the past year or so that the hair on my chin became thick enough for a decent goatee. Each person is individual, and having patience can definitely be required!

  45. Firstly, thank you Steve (the beard guy) for the advice. I have actually shaved my beard off but will start growing it again. My beard grows back fast (its my greek blood I suppose…ha). Oh and I am not sure why I mentioned “Dale” when I meant “Patrick” who was the one with the great beard.

    I think you are right Steve (not the beard guy). After about 2 months or so it looks too scraggly. I remember I didn’t shave for about 6 months and it looks darn good. Anyway, back to square one!

  46. im 20 years old and can grow a full beard in about 2 days…i have to shave 2 or 3 times per day….Is this normal?? No one in my family has to shave multiple times per day and I don’t know of anyone else that has this “gift” i should say… Is there something wrong with me steve?? it’s really annoying having to shave again at 2 oclock in the afternoon

  47. Billy Bob,

    I’ve known of others with this same “complaint”. While it’s not typical, I am not qualified to say whether or not there might be “something wrong” with you. For that, see your doctor. If it’s nothing more than a heavy beard that’s fast-growing, you should be a great candidate for growing a beard. That would eliminate having to shave again each day by 2:00 PM. Good luck to you!

  48. Sunil,
    I cannot suggest any medicine. Please consult a doctor if this is an important problem for you.

  49. Hi All,

    My father had to shave multiple times a day and so does my younger brother. My father used to scrap his stubble across my tender face at bedtime when I was young and I hated the feeling. I am now in my late sixties and still have almost no facial hair. Now, nose and ear hair is another story, however.

    In order not to completely ruin the economy, I put a new blade in my razor every month; if, big if, I remember. Not being able to grow sideburns, beard, etc., has never seemed to be a drawback socially or in business.

    God gave me great hair, not much height, little facial hair, lots of talents, and more. If I was asked of inputs to my make up, I am convinced that the product would have been a total disaster.

    Bill G.

  50. Everyone should realize that the last person whose appearance was improved by facial hair was Abraham Lincoln,

    So don’t worry about your beard growth. Just shave it like a real man. Of course, if you are really ugly, it won’t make you look any worse. Nor any better, either.

  51. Heyo,

    I am on my first beard, or what I hope will become one, about 3 weeks in and have a pretty good showing so far. But my problem is that I have a very “strong” “big” “pointy” whatever chin that juts out. While I like my chin, the whiskers growing down from my lower lip are growing right into my chin and visa versa. Its becoming pretty annoying/painful. But I’m afraid that if I try to trim it short in that one spot it will throw everything off.

    Any thoughts?

  52. Adam, I suggest honing your patience against your “soul patch.” After the hairs grow longer, they’ll lie along the skin instead of trying to pierce it. Then consider any trimming or shaping there. If you shave there, the shaving will have to happen daily to keep a consistent look and prevent the return of the inverted pincushion.

  53. when i grow my moustache, there’s an annoying part in the center where hair does not grow. at all. how come? my dad’s moustache stretches right across his upper lip, same with all the men in my family

  54. bb, I’ve seen that map on some men, in weekend stubble and real mustaches.

    I know there are some people who haven’t gotten used to talking comfortably with men whose facial hair makes some lip and cheek movements difficult to see. Therefore, your map, grown out, isn’t as abrupt a cultural filter as mine is.

    Why or how did you get an apparently unique mustache map in your family? I can only guess, yet I strongly believe there’s no need to harbor doubts about paternal identity. Recessive genes (both mother’s and father’s genes control a man’s beard)? A new (and not necessarily bad) mutation in your family? Different experience in your mother’s womb? Different experience while growing up? My facial hair is different from my brother’s in color, texture, fast-growth areas and slow-growth areas, but we and our cousins who share our surname also share the same face structure.

  55. i don’t know how that happened, but its kind of odd. I’m almost in my 20s. do you think it will fill in more?

  56. bb, since you’re that young, rest assured you can look forward to quite a bit of “filling in.”

    My whiskers filled in enough for me to grow my first full, mostly-symmetrical set around age 21, but I didn’t see the cheek lines and over-the-throat areas arrive at true fill-in and symmetry until my mid 30’s. I might even have failed to notice their arrival for a few years because I had been experimenting with different styles.

  57. hey steve(the one with the beard lol) i was wondering if there was any difference when it comes to facial hair growth if you use a normal razor instead of an electric one because i cant stand eletric razors

  58. I’m 21 and i can only grow what my friends call the neck beard, no mustache and barely some burns, do you think in time it will happen?

  59. hello Steve
    can u tell us(not having beard at 19),whats r the things which shuld be kept in mind whilie eating, n whats r the possible things which we can do ,that would be helpful in growin bread, as u said that,it will be better for us to wait n watch ,but as some one said to exercise n eat good n all that ,can u tell that in details pls

  60. I used to be able to grow a perfect beard when I about 16, now I’m 18 and there seems to be more and more thin patches and bald spots popping up in my beard, does anybody know what is causing this, and what can be done about it

  61. I’m 20 and recently I noticed that the fuzz on my cheeks is finally getting darker and longer in some spots. Does this mean I’m going to have a beard soon? My dad was never able to grow a beard on his cheeks, so I suppose I have inherited my facial hair from my mother’s side, could this be the case?

  62. I am so glad I found your site, I am one of those guys “stressing out”
    over my insufficient beard growth. I have had a mustache since I was about 17 and it grows in pretty well. I am 48 now and have had some form of a goatee for several years. Although I shave every day I never thought my cheek area produced enough hair for a beard. WIth the sudden rash of beard growth among men I decided to jump in. I was not real encouraged at christmas when every male relative there had a very full beard and mine is extremely thin after two weeks. Going on three weeks now it is thickening up a little but very slowly. It takes my goatee quite a long time to grow and it is comparatively thin and also has a lot of gray and blond hairs which doesn’t help.
    I am encouraged by Pauls comments and have decided to let it go for two months to see what happens. My co-workers and students may just have to put up with it since I am a big beard fan.

  63. Hey, Dan. I hope it grows in well enough to please you. At the very least, you will have given it a sufficient chance to find out. Good luck to you!

  64. Dan, Some times it takes awhile for the beard to fill in. Be patient and you may well have a nice surprise.

  65. A year ago because of a change in policy at my workplace, I could for the first time grow facial hair (other than just a moustache, which I wasn’t interested in). I grew a goatee and was very happy with it, and frankly very proud of it. But I didn’t consider growing a full beard–I was convinced it would be too patchy–especially in the sideburn area, where it didn’t seem that my facial hair joined up to the hair on my head.

    This Christmas, though, I decided to go whole hog–let everything grow for a while and see what happened. Again, I have been very pleased with the results–it is even filling in reasonably well on the sideburn areas. Will I keep the full beard or just go back to a goatee? Not sure yet–it’s still a work in progress–but I have learned that I can grow sideburns!

    I have really enjoyed this site. One thing that really interests me is how insecure men seem to be about their beards/beard growth. I’ll see a picture of a guy with what I would consider is a terrific beard and his comment will be, “I wish it were thicker.” We’re probably all our own worst critics!

    Go for it! Let it grow and see what happens! You may be quite thrilled with the results. I know I have been. It’s a new hobby.

    I’m tending to steer away from the goatee right now because they have become so “trendy” and “everybody has one.” (Well, all the males, anyway.) I grew it initially because I thought it looked good (and I was right) 😉 I don’t want people to look at me, though, and think I’m just following some trend. I was one of the first to set the trend! So maybe the full beard will be the next trend, and I’ll help set that. Then I’ll switch back to the goatee.

    The possibilities are endless.

    A quote from C. S. Lewis: “We have now for many centuries triumphed over nature to the extent of making certain secondary characteristics of the male (such as the beard) disagreeable to nearly all the females – and there is more in that than you might suppose.”

  66. Im 32 with and i can only grow a beard on the left side of my face (really) the right side i can grow a little its just that i have a round patch missing and i hate it because i want to grow a chin strap or a beard and when i try my friends make fun of me they tell me to color it in with a sharpee lol maybe im just a late bloomer …women actually like it when i grow it out but im still very self conscious about it.

  67. Just thought will put in my bit about the beard thing. Beard is a natural component for a man. God created Adam with a beard. Subsequently all the Prophets that followed had beards, including Jesus Christ (may peace be upon him), until the last Prophet Mohammad(may peace be upon him). Science also proves that having a beard can be very advantageous for men. It acts as a filter from germs, bacteria thereby preventing several throat diseases. It performs as a natural sunscreen from direct sunlight, protecting the skin of the face during summer. Also keeps warm from cold climate conditions, not to mention strong harmful winds, which works as a shield. By simply stroking your beard downwards can also destress your mind, body and also bring down the heart rate to normalcy. Most importantly, beards act as a natural stimulant for higher potency for sex 🙂 Men don’t grow beards, God does. Men cut down which is a naturally endowed gift from Him. So, let it flow guys!

  68. Good grief, my facial hair irritates me. Not that I don’t like beards in general, it’s just MY facial hair. It grows fairly fast, and individualy the hairs are thick. But they’re so spars and wiry and bushy (it looks like I have steel wool growing out of my face, with the skin clearly visible underneath), it isn’t attractive in the least, and everyone I know agrees. Because the hairs are so wiry and coarse, it’s a pain to shave and I suffer constant razor bumps when I do, especialy considering how frequently I have to shave if I choose too. Essentialy, I’m uncomfortable if I shave, and ugly if I don’t. Ugh. The only thing I have any hope for is a stachless goattee, though I had hoped to grow a nice chin-strap. I’m twenty, and I know you can still get some development into adulthood, but do I really have much of a chance?

  69. Paine, I don’t think a beard affects your fertility. However, your fertility might cause better beard growth. Testosterone does affect the growth of facial hair as well as baldedness. It’s all in the genes, not in the hair.

  70. I have had a beards for 2 years now. I am 60 years old andI enjoy having it and not having to shave. I keep it quite short because it looks better when I am dealing with the public. I am a salesmen.Just one question out there why don’t I see more white beards. You know, white is beautiful

  71. One thing seems to be overlooked here. All the hairs in the beard, granting that genetics sets the total number, are not growing at the same time. Some are in the active growth stage, some have reached terminal or maximum length—as shown in the galleries where guys have beards at their terminal length; and finally some are dormant or resting.
    When growing a beard, time must be allowed for those growing hairs to reach the terminal stage, while the dormant hairs will start and reach the length the guy wants to maintain. It’s this addition of dormant hairs to growing and terminal hairs that gives the beard the sensation of becoming thicker and denser, to the genetic limit, after about six to eight months.

  72. I’m 19 and have been able to grow a beard I’ve been proud of since I was 16. My chin is a very red color, my Irish side coming out, and the rest of it is jet black. My main concern is that my cheeks, on both sides, have a small patch that grows little to no hair, I’m wondering if it is something that will fix its self or if I might not be able to grow there at all. Should a doctor be contacted to see?

  73. i m 26 yrs old guy from india.i have very less facial hair on my face.which hair r there r too weak and light.that no one can recognize that there r any bread in my face or not.i want good bread and hairs on my cheast.Is there any way.Plz help me out.

  74. jude, you are still young. your beard has only just started growing. beards very rarely fill in evenly and all at once. when i was 21 i could grow a half desent moustache and goatee but the sideburns were very patchy and i was actually getting worried whether i would ever be able to grow them….now i am 36 and would have to shave twice a day if i wanted to be really clean shaven.

    so don’t worry, eventually it should come. try and forget about it for now and you wont even notice.

  75. I am 19. Annoyingly, my dad can grow a beard. He says it grows slowly, but would if he didnt shave it.
    I have always wanted a beard, but as time goes by it seems less and less likely. I am blonde, (so not great already) and I can grow a moustache and 2 triangles of pepper coloured hair on my chin. On my cheeks and sideburns I can sort of see faint white hairs, but they never seem to amount to much. will these always stay this way?
    I know I will likely have to wait for hopefully more development, but by then I will be out of university when nobody cares if you have a beard or not. Its a shame really because one or two of my friends have beards. grr

  76. Let me tell you this all of those that would like a beard: LET IT GROW! Let it grow for about 4 weeks then trim. I am thin on the top, so I’ve trimmed the bottom until the top has matched. Now I look like Billy Maze.

  77. This still is a horrible tragedy. Billy Mays was one of the worlds greatest icons. Billy Mays was far more charismatic, helpful, and memorable than Patrick Swayze whom the media loves to dote on. We need to remember a man who changed the way we watch infomercials. A man that was dedicatted to the best. Who we imitated, looked up to, and loved in his life as we shall continue to in his death. A death which leaves the world in comparative silence, in the wake of his strong voice. RIP, Billy Mays… We’ll remember you online when we use ALL CAPs to type.

  78. Hey, I’ve been frustrated all my adult life until now, at 56, my beard is finally starting to fill in the bald spots on each side of the chin between the goatee and the sideburns. Sad thing is I’ve always known I’d look 100% better with a full beard. I’ve grown it three times up until now over the last fifteen years and each time it’s been a little thicker. But what I’m wondering is if anyone else has been kinda shocked by how thin and sparse their beard FEELS even if it looks fairly acceptable. I would expect it to feel thick and lush, but I can feel my chin almost like there’s no hair there! Is that nowmal for a guy with a beard?

  79. Hi, I am 27 and I have a bald patch on one side of my beard and under my chin on the same side. Hair has never grown there so it’s not Alopecia Areata and nobody in my family has the same thing. It wouldn’t bother me so much if it was on both sides but it looks really stupid having a bald patch on one side. I can’t find much information about it, a comment somewhere said to try steroid injections in the area. Does anyone know about this or anyone tried it? I will ask my doctor about it next time I go but I’m not going to go just for that.

  80. Paul,
    It’s a good idea to ask about it when you see the doctor. There’s no way for us to know what it could be. You might try covering the spots with growth from the surrounding areas. If that doesn’t work out, then you may just have to design a beard style that works well with your growth pattern. Good luck to you.

  81. Paul, don’t try steroids think in side effects
    The best thing you can do is to visit a dermatologist it can be a Tinea versicolor and can be treated.

  82. Hope this can help:
    When i was very young 17-19, i only grow a light mustache .My chest grow more faster than my face.My first combination ,goatee, was at 25 years old ,my beard still incomplete at that moment. i get my first beard at 33 and still not totally complete …now at 40’s i can grow a complete full beard ,i even developed more hairs in my body.
    hormones are the cause and for men reaching the 40’s will get different results.

  83. Jagadish: That may just be your genetic profile. If you think there could be a medical problem that is to blame, then the best thing to do would be to consult a physician. Good luck to you.

  84. Here’s a guy who had this problem and fixed it. I thought I could give you guys some tips:

    1- grow the beard and let it grow even if it’s thin. For people like us to takes longer time, some hair fossils require longer time to grow, sometimes months. Keep trimming it but keep it long enough.

    2- so many factors affect the thickness including Genetics.

    3- raising the level of testosterone by exercising will help alot.

    4- working on the blood flow in the face with solutions and exercise. You can use Minoxidil sprays for weak areas.

    5- hair vitamins like biotin and some multi vitamins for the hair help alot too.

    6- eating well helps with the blood circulation.

    So you need good health, vitamins, solutions and testosterone to overcome the thin beard.

    Basically: let the beard grow and work on these factors with patience and persistence. You will face moments of despair especially that it will take you a few months. It takes real patience and commitment.

  85. Sultan:
    Thanks for sharing your experience and advice.

    To all: Remember that cannot give medical advice. If you have any questions or concerns, please consult a medical professional. Good luck to all!

  86. I wanted to grow a beard my senior year in high school, when several of my friends grew beards. I had a baby face and wasn’t even shaving. Most of my friends had beards entering college. Still not even shaving. I started shaving my sophomore year in college when I was 19. I grew my first full beard junior year in college while attending a foreign study program in Europe. Finally felt I achieved. manhood.

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