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All About BEARDS For Twenty-eight Years

An important date in beard history!

On January 17, 1996, from San José, California’s Blossom Valley, the All About BEARDS site made its debut on the worldwide web. All About BEARDS was the first website exclusively devoted to all aspects of beards. Visitors to the new site were greeted with “Welcome to the home of excellent beards!” The site was founded on principles of promoting excellence in all things beard related. Ever since that January day in 1996, All About BEARDS has been relentlessly unapologetic in its steadfast promotion of beards and beard acceptance.

All About BEARDS and

This website started out with the name All About BEARDS, which has remained the site’s official name since January 17, 1996. All About BEARDS was first hosted on AOL (America Online) member web space. The original URL for All About BEARDS was, which is no longer active.

All About BEARDS acquired the domain in 2004. The domain was put up for auction on eBay. Once the ownership of the domain was transferred to All About BEARDS, a teaser was put up on in advance of the official debut of All About BEARDS at its new permanent home.

Three days after All About BEARDS’ ninth anniversary, the site made its official move to on January 20, 2005. Ever since then, the site has been known as both All About BEARDS and

After All About BEARDS’ move to, the original site on remained online as a legacy site, with no new updates. On October 31, 2008, AOL shut down, taking down the legacy version of All About BEARDS with it.

What All About BEARDS is all about

BEARDS! All About BEARDS will always be dedicated to all aspects of beards. The site’s main focus continues to emphasize:

  • Promoting beards: Being a positive voice that remains steadfast in supporting beards in every way possible.
  • Increasing beard acceptance: Encouraging others to view beards positively, including reevaluating any preconceived negativity they may feel against beards.
  • Educating about beards: Providing solid information about beards as a service to all interested in growing a beard or for anyone with simply an interest in the topic of beards. Key beard information provided includes proven advice on successful beard growing, grooming, and maintenance.
  • Providing beard inspiration: It’s important to All About BEARDS that the site inspires men all around the world to grow their beards. The site serves up inspiration via photos, videos, individual beard stories, informational articles, and more. The more bearded men we have in the world, the greater the acceptance of beards becomes.

One of the website’s most important undertakings is the dedication to pursuing high-quality documentary beard photography. All About BEARDS is pleased to present our original beard photography throughout the site. Examples include all of the photos you see in this post.

Thanks for growing with All About BEARDS.

It has been a privilege and an honor to hear from men from every continent who have grown their beards. I’ve heard from beard-growing medical doctors, attorneys, chefs, welders, carpenters, artists, musicians, real estate agents, insurance agents, railroad workers, athletes, students of all ages, law enforcement officers, retired military veterans, construction workers, and many, many, more — from all walks of life and from every profession imaginable.

I can’t thank you enough for your kind feedback and friendship over the years.

All About BEARDS. Now let’s all keep on growing!

8 thoughts on “All About BEARDS For Twenty-eight Years”

  1. Thanks for your work, Steve! Phantastic to be constantly updated in bearding in all sorts of choices worldwide!

    1. Thank you, William! It’s so great to hear from you! I appreciate your kind words. Best wishes to you always.

  2. A Huge Congratulations Steven on #28 Anniv. of AAB…

    Way to Go!!! You define what it is to be other-centered and a “good citizen of the global beard community.”

    You are a sincere “Advocate” for those who choose to try to grow a beard that gives them joy. There will be exciting breakthroughs in hair biology genetics and epigenetics in the next few years and this will be of value to many with beards and also scalp hair challenges.

    A very sincere Happy 28th Anniversary for you and All About Beards!!

    With highest respect and every good wish for ongoing success as you help make the world of beards a happier place.

    I hope you get a cake and put 28 candles on it. If you do, take a picture of it. If nothing else, it will be fun for you!!!


    1. Thank you, Ed! Your enthusiastic words of praise and encouragement are a wonderful gift on this twenty-eighth anniversary! I appreciate you and all your kind support! Best wishes and thanks to you always!

  3. 28 years: what an achievement, a story of dedication, excellence, and success. You have created a beautiful a place -All About Beards- that offers all the information to people who want to improve any and all aspects of their beard.

    I have enjoyed the stories and enthusiasm that your beard interview subjects have shown in all these years. All About Beards is a memorable collection and resource for the beard world — for all present and future beard growers.

    1. Thank you, Alec, for your words of praise for All About BEARDS. I am pleased to know that you’ve enjoyed the site’s content so much and that you view All About BEARDS as a valuable resource. Thanks again!

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