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Natural Full Beard: Your Freedom To Grow

The natural full beard should be a valid beard-growing option.

There is nothing wrong with growing a natural full beard. It should be a valid beard-growing choice for any man. However, too many men are too intimidated to grow their natural full beards. There is a lot of societal pressure against the natural full beard, both real and imagined. Plenty of men self-censor and don’t even consider allowing themselves to grow a natural full beard. But it’s worse than that. Far too many are reluctant to even grow a minimal beard, fearing that growing beyond a minimal beard would be “too much”. Some won’t even grow beyond a stubble-length beard.

Natural full beards are seldom seen these days because the bias against them is pretty strong. And because the natural full beard is so uncommon, it attracts a lot of attention. Much of that attention consists of outdated negative stereotyped comments. Just the fear of these negative stereotypes is enough to scare men into avoiding the thought of growing a natural full beard as well as limiting the amount of beard growth they allow themselves.

What is a natural full beard and why is it important for more men to grow one?

The natural full beard is simply a full beard with the cheek lines and neck lines left naturally defined. Some may not prefer this look and that is fine. But those who like the look should be free to grow their beards this way. When more men grow natural full beards, they are not seen so much as rarities and gain more public acceptance. If natural full beards are more accepted, acceptance of all other beard styles improves. All men should feel free to grow the style of beard that they desire.

Much of the time, natural full beards are reflexively and automatically dismissed as “too much”. But they are only “too much” because people are not used to seeing them. Many people immediately want to reject them. Similarly, people are quick to instantly proclaim that certain beards are “too long”. Really? How is the standard determined for a beard being too long? Is an eighth of an inch too long? How about a quarter of an inch? Two inches? Three? Of course, the definition of what an acceptable beard length should be is simply arbitrary and subjective. Beard length should be determined by the grower’s preference.

Judgments on beard cheek lines and neck lines are similarly based on arbitrary and subjective whims, reinforced by negative stereotypes. Who decides when a cheek line is too high and a neck line is too low? It’s not a question of neatness or good grooming because natural cheek and neck lines can be cleanly and neatly maintained, just like the rest of the beard.

Don’t be shy about growing your natural full beard.

As long as natural full beard growers are rarely seen, these uncommon brave growers are targets for undeserved negative comments and negative stereotypical remarks. Increasing the number of natural full beards in the world will help improve the acceptance of natural full beards as well as all other types of beards. Consider growing your natural full beard!

Tips on natural full beard design.

Natural full beards are easy to maintain. However, a strictly natural full beard may not produce entirely desired results at first and may need some slight adjustments to achieve your best look. In no time you’ll having your natural full beard looking its best with a minimum of extra effort. See the following examples.

Join the natural beard cause and contribute to beard freedom for all!

Now step up and grow your full natural beard. It’s easy. Don’t wait any longer to grow your beard all natural and show it off to its fullest advantage. Happy natural beard growing!

14 thoughts on “Natural Full Beard: Your Freedom To Grow”

  1. Thanks forbthis article! I’ve always been a supporter of the natural full beard, and it has been my style for at least 10 years. 30 years ago I let my full beard grow out, but kept it shorter, largely due to inexperience and not realizing the full length would look better, and is much easier to maintain (far less trimming and evening up). As the years went by I learned that longer is better, and a natural shape and length has an organic symmetry of its own. In my experience, a natural full beard with enouh length to eliminate the need for trimming or shaving the neck is not only a good look, but easy to look after as well.

    I’ve never had a really negative reaction to my beard. The only comments have been positive. (Well, there was one polite objection around 30 years ago, but you know what aunties are like!)

    1. Thank you, Barry! It’s great that you are a fellow supporter of the natural full beard! You hit the nail right on the head that the natural full beard can look better, especially because of the power of the natural shape and its inherent organic symmetry. It’s a shape custom designed to be optimum for each individual beard grower! Your points are also well taken about allowing the natural beard to reach sufficient length as to make neck trimming unnecessary while providing an eye-pleasing appearance. Great insights, Barry. Thanks again!

  2. Conner’s beard is magnificent and goes very well with his handsome and friendly face. I really like the curls on his cheeks too!

  3. Totally agree that a full beard option is a great option for men to have! It is incredible to see how many more people are growing full beards in many areas of life from sports to entrepreneurship and all men!

    Love your post, and the pictures are great!

    This post will give many young adult men encouragement!!! Thank you!!!

    1. Thanks, Bill, for your enthusiasm for more and more full beards to keep sprouting everywhere!

      Thanks, too, for your kind words for the post and my photography that illustrates the post! Much appreciated!

  4. I’ve started for the 3rd time in growing a full beard. I admit that I dropped out of this goal twice now in the past few years, BUT, as of 12/7/2023, I haven’t touched one hair, including the hair on my neck, mainly because of the great and inspiring photos and videos that I’ve viewed to date on this awesome website!

    My ultimate goal as of 12/07/2023 is to grow a full beard, luxuriant beard that is over 5″ long. I have a long while to wait given my slow growth progression to date, but I am determined to reach my ultimate goal within the next 2 years from now (3/15/2025). Mark my words!!


    1. Don, I hope that the third time is the charm for growing your full beard. Congrats for having more than a month’s worth of growth already accomplished.

      I really appreciate your kind words for the website and its photos and videos. Thanks! I’m always happy to hear of the site being a source of inspiration to new beard growers.

      Best of luck to you on the growth of your long, luxuriant, full beard! Sounds awesome. Keep up the great growin’!

  5. I also liked Brian’s good looks as well as his wonderful, full beard at looking very masculine. He proved that his good looks coupled with his magnificent beard is a n extremely manly appearance at its best.!

    I only hope to have the patience and determinacy to have a full beard that may even match that of Brian’s masculine and bearded good looks!!

    1. Thanks, Don, for the positive feedback on Brian’s full-bearded look! I hope your full beard will make you feel the same way about yourself! Keep growing.

  6. I will be fully bearded for 10 years in Feb 2024. I had up to that point never really grew by full beard out. I love having it and only disappointed I did not do it sooner. I do keep a cheekline because I have stray hairs that grow so high and have no way for them to fill in. Growing my beard has taught me patience. Something I lacked. Its more than just growing a beard. It gives you almost superpowers about how you feel as a bearded man. There is a difference between being a man growing a beard and a bearded man!

    1. Congrats, Steve, on your upcoming ten-year beard anniversary! About the cheek line, it makes sense to trim those outlying hairs. Sounds like you’ve got it all down to perfection. Thanks for sharing what the beard-growing experience has done for you. Great to hear it! Keep growing.

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