all beards, all the time

In the early days of “all about beards”, I stated on the home page that beards did not always get the respect and appreciation that they deserve. With that, the site had set out on a long-term mission of beard advocacy. A central idea was to create a place on the web to provide helpful information on growing a beard along with plenty of encouragement and some inspiration. Another objective was to provoke some thought on the subject of beards, to challenge the negative attitudes and stereotypes, and to have some fun in the process. In that regard, the site has met with quite a bit of success in the first ten years. However, there’s a lot more to be done. I’m taking the site into its second decade with lots of optimism and new ideas for enhancements and for strengthening the commitment to the mission of “all about beards”.

2 thoughts on “all beards, all the time”

  1. i think about beards thats a divine think…. divine, im speakin about the creation Adam and Eve, Adam was the first man in the earth created to image to God… if God was created Adam at his own image them God is similar to man… the bearded man is a image of God because God is perfect and all his ideas are perfects because all the things in this world has a perfect and divine sighnt and signify… God make all the creation includin the beard af man as a perfect thing… because im a bearded man without shavin….

    comments to my account please
    ATTE Broos Ucta Opaq

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