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  1. An easy way to keep the itchies at bay is treat the skin under the beard to the same moisturizer you use on your face…it keeps the skin supple and smooth while softening the beard hair. Also, if you ban the use of soaps on your face and use a skin cleanser instead, followed by moisturizer, your skin stays supple and the wrinkles are not so severe…and you can’t be too young or old to try this.

    ‘I hope this will find its way to being a blog.’

  2. Thanks for the advice. I think the blog will make it easier to share tips on growing and maintaining a beard.

  3. That mustache on that one picture is crazy man.. to date I can’t say i’ve seen one like it. Anyhow, I totally agree with the part about growing a beard taking determination and courage it does. I was a clean shaver ever since I had facial hair. I’ve always thought beards were cool but didn’t think I could grow one and since my hair was blonde that it wouldn’t be noticeable. It took a while but I was able to grow a decent beard, it helps when your girl thinks it’s cool too. I’ve heard it said by people of other cultures that a man who can grow a beard is a man. Best of luck with this site, it’s definitely offered insight I hadn’t seen elsewhere.

    {The moisturizer trick works, it’s mildy effeminate but the itch sucks dude!}
    Take care.

  4. I’m not sure how effective a moisturizer may be on dandruff. You could try it and see. If it doesn’t do the trick, you might try a gentle dandruff shampoo.

  5. I m 20 now n still i didnt get beard on my cheeks…it comes only on chin like goat beard n it looks really ugly..i like to keep beard oncheeks…plzz suggest me how to grow hair on cheeks also…
    some tips needed …..

  6. Wait a few years Ethan. You cannot make hair grow. And don’t worry. You will have enough years with the pain of shaving for work every day. So enjoy it while you can.

  7. I use a two in one shampoo/conditioner with my beard. I apply it when I’m in the shower and really scrub it to ensure that it reaches the skin. Combing my beard seems to help also.

  8. A cheap headlice comb is excellent for grooming the beard and making it look neat wen moisturised. It has fine teeth.

  9. Ethan, I too have a natural goatee. I am 36 and no hair has ever grown on either cheek beyond a few strands. While I cant grow sideburns like I have always dreamed of I take solace in the fact that shaving is never a chore. You are the first person I have heard of that has the same beardy characteristic.

  10. Wow………this site is a whole lt of cute bursting out all over…….(i’mn female btw). n i must cnfess i love face hairs….huge beards n moustaches, or as said in punjabi dhari aur mucch aka kapaas mukhra or cotton face 🙂

    im going to wander around n enjoy the eye candy sum more……

  11. Thanks for the advice and all…i grow beards reli fast but it gets reli itchy, i want to try the moisturizer thng, wat type would u suggest?

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