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In the northern hemisphere, November always seems to be a good time to start growing a beard. The start of winter provides both an excuse and some motivation. The semi-official kick-off date seems to be November 1st. But if you didn’t start on the first, now is still a good time to begin. Beard-growing contests, such as the International Round-Robin Beard Off (defunct link removed), may provide additional support or justification for hesitant beard growers. If you’re not already a participant in an established beard-growing contest, start your own! Happy beard-growing to all.

Oh, and for those of you in the southern hemisphere, although your seasons may be reversed, November is a good time for you to grow a beard, too. Remember: “Any time can be beard-growing time!”

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  1. I have decided to be a “beard waster” no more. I decided on Thanksgiving to allow my beard to grow. Thanks for your support and information on

  2. Congratulations, Ben! Let us know how it goes. If you need any support along the way, let me know that, too.

  3. Anytime is a good time to grow a beard ! – I have a new Remington Trimmer – Friday , I trim to level 6 – Wish me luck and a steady hand . God Bless , John

  4. Having a few weeks ago buckled under the pressure of many snide remarks over my mutton chops which supposedly “look stupid on a 20-year old”; I stopped the heinous shaving ritual again last week and intend, thanks to the support of this website, to grow a full beard no matter what the reaction.

  5. Bravo, Mike! I’m glad you decided to grow a full beard.

    But, I wanted to let you know that I once had mutton chops while I was in High School, even though it was illegal in my school to ahve them. I didn’t care what anyone said about my chops, so if you want to keep them, keep them!

    Do you what you want and not what anyone else wants. It’s for your face and your face only! 😀

  6. Mason… you did better than I… I had a goatee for about a year, grew in the rest over the summer.. then even MORE foolishly shaved it right before x-mas, in the dead of cold season 🙁

    I got right down to business and I have commenced re-bearding immediately. Thought my old trimmer was going tits-up last night but it might be fine.. bought a new trimmer that sucks so I’m taking the piece of crud right back.

  7. Steve B, Your trimmers are holding you back … throw them out … go natural. If you have a stray whisker, use a pair of scisors.

  8. Steve, I also cut mine off in the cold season (January). I’ll never do that again. Even in the Summer, it shades me from the sun and helps keep me cooler. The people who try to get me to shave because of the heat think I’m nuts.


  9. My wife just “asked” (Demanded!) me to shave my goatee and chain curtain because it’s almost summer, is this right? ethical?

    Or how can i convince her its ok even though it is summer?

  10. She can demand it, sure. You have to decide how you will respond. You could view it in terms of reciprocity. If she makes a demand that you change some aspect of your physical appearance, you could demand that she make a comparable change to her appearance. That might get her to understand it in a more sympathetic light. Whether you do that or not, you could just explain to her that it’s your beard and it’s important to you to keep it during the summer. Beards are not incompatible with summer and they are still allowed in any season. Good luck to you!

  11. I started shaving at age 11. I hated it. Both my Mom and Dad hated facial an adult shaving became routime….so when om and Dad passed away….I threw away the razors and shaving cream…..FINALLY at age 47…I have not shave or trimmed in almost 2 years. Love it. WIll NEVER shave or tim again…bleeding in the morining is not fun!! Stroking a long beard IS fun….Keep it growing bearded men and for those of who haven’t started…throw away your razors!!!!!

  12. James,
    Sorry to hear of the passing of your parents. Glad the beard’s working out well for you, though!

  13. Finally decided to grow a beard after my employer ended its “No Beard” policy
    Over the Thanksgiving holiday I stopped shaving much to the displeasure of my wife.. She will get used to the beard in time.
    Growing the beard is very liberating.

  14. Recently I finally decided to stop shaving and decided to let my beard grow for the first time( longer than a week or so). It’s been 10 days
    I now find it a very bad time to start as I am writing my finals and the beard is very distracting. I am loving it with a passion and couldn’t believe how much fun it could be to watch it grow, get thicker and more color.
    After looking through the website I was inspired to go with a full beard.
    I can hardly wait for the next couple of weeks to see how it will turn out.
    I will definitely post pictures of the progress and how it turns out after Christmas. Who knows i might just end up keeping it.

  15. I had a beard from my late teens to about 37. Since then I had a goatee. My employer does not allow beards, even though I work in the IT department and face a window and monitor all day long. I hate the goatee, and have a doctor letter to allow even it! I have a small scar from childhood incident so I hard to shave around it. But reagrdless, I miss my beard. I need to find a way to ask my employer about going full grown with the beard. I was off with surgery this past summer and grew my beard for 4 months! WHat a great summer! Some faces just look better with a beard and mine if definitley one of them. My company supports Gay, lesbians and transgenders, allows smoking in certain areas. Not sure how a man with a beard will cause any customer complaints?

  16. Burt, i agree with you. The thought of an employer enforcing a beard policy disturbs me. I had a job over winter break, they asked me to shave, i said “no, i dont shave, i’ll trim, but i haven’t shaved for a year and a half, i’m not going to start doing it now.” They didn’t like it, but they dealt, also i thought it wasn’t worth it for a job i was going to hold for a two weeks or so, if that long. I even threw in that i don’t own razors for comedic effect (for the record i do have some, haven’t touched them in a year!)

    sorry, tangent.

    In regards to your dilemma, see if you can get someone who has some say in the beard policy to grow a beard. Challenge him to grow a beard for a few weeks, and try to be a “mentor” to him in his beard endeavors, it should show him the fun of growing his beard out.

    Now as i’m writing this, it occurred to me that someone with that authority to help you out and change the policy might be a female. If that’s the case see if you can get their significant other to grow a beard, and if she hates her husband’s, have it so he’ll only shave if allows beards in the work place.

    Also, she might be lesbian, or not be with someone, see if you can organize a “boycott” on the policy, and get fellow employees to grow a beard with you. (Safety in numbers…..usually)

    these ideas might be a bit juvenile, but in the very least maybe reading them will give you a nice laugh and make your day a little better.

  17. Anyone know for sure about CA laws against disscrimination, in refference to growing a beard at work?

    I know that some can skate on religious reasons and some on medical reasons. Im not religious & would rather not take that rout.
    I did get a docs note for my beard at my current place of employment but the times are tough and ill soon be looking for another job.
    The job im hoping for is at a county run hospital. I still have the original note (no expiration date was listed) and i plan to present them with the note upon request, im wondering what my options are if they reject the note.

    Thank you for your time, Clinton in San Jose.

  18. Clinton, I don’t know California law but can not immagine that your employer could bypass your doctor’s note. I worked in a hospital in Michigan and they allowed beards. I worked in Dietary where they required a special hair (beard) covering, as well as the regular hairnet or covering.

    I do know that here, in Michigain, if your doctor says you can not do something, that your company doctor cannot force you to abide by his/her doctor’s orders.

  19. Clinton,

    I’m not up on the legal aspects there. If the doctor’s note is legitimate, they should honor it. If they don’t, then you should probably inform your doctor. He may be able to provide a more compelling note. Otherwise, you might speak to an attorney. But that surely will not endear you to the new employer.

    An old strategy has been to shave temporarily for the interview and the period right after you start the job, then later grow a beard. That might work for you, but it weakens the medical angle.

    Good luck to you. Let us know what happens.

  20. I was unable to grow any facial hair in high school. I did not start shaving until sophomore year in college. I grew a beard junior year in college while attending a foreign study program. My parents would not pay my senior year tuition unless I shaved the beard off. I kept the moustache. I then grew the beard back each winter when I turned 29. It is great for skiing.

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