how did you do that?

Some time ago, a colleague and I were having lunch at a fast-food restaurant on Rockville Pike in Rockville, Maryland. In the dining room, I noticed another bearded guy sitting not far away. I couldn’t help but compare my beard with his and I was feeling that his beard was better. Meanwhile, an elderly gentleman sat down at the table next to my colleague and me. All of a sudden, the elderly gentleman asked me, “How did you that?” In reply, I asked him, “How did I do what?” He said, “grow a beard like that.” He went on to say that for all his life, he had wanted to grow a beard like that, but had never been physically capable of growing one. I was a bit stunned and flattered, but I couldn’t help but think that he should have directed his questioning to the other bearded guy nearby. After all, his beard was better, I thought.

This illustrates one more reason not to be a beard waster. If you can grow a beard, grow it. It’s a privilege, perhaps even a duty. And even though you may not realize it, you gain the admiration of some of those less fortunate, who are unable to grow a beard.

8 thoughts on “how did you do that?”

  1. I would love to see the beard make a great comeback , like the early 20th century . Back when having a beard was OK . I dont understand why most women [ and my last 3 wifes ] hate a bearded man . Very few women ive met liked beards . I met a 80 year old woman who liked my beard only because her father had one around WW 1 .

  2. You know what looks good with a beard ? – a Top Hat or Derby Hat . It reminds me of old pictures from like 1900 . I would love to live back then so I could save up my money for a 1904 curved dash Oldsmobile .

  3. It’s interesting that YOU were the one the elderly gentleman approached. Perhaps there was something in addition to your beard which made him choose you – body language, demeaner, your eyes – which made you seem welcoming and approachable.

    I find that I am my own worst critic and sometimes succomb to “the grass is always greener – or the beard is always thicker” way of thinking – in many aspects of my life.

    Congratulations! Give your beard an extra pat 🙂
    And thanks again for being an advocate for the beards of the world.

  4. I think growing a beard is a sign of manhood. I’m 26, and I see guys my age shaving and waxing their chests, arms, and legs.I even know a guy that got electrolysis so he would never grow facial hair again. WHAT is wrong with these dudes man? When I was a kid I couldn’t wait to grow face and chest hair. It meant that I wasn’t a little boy anymore. I say hooray to all those who decide to embrace their manhood. I agree with you 100%

  5. Just right.

    I used to grow my beard in my early years just to look different. And I did it in only very few particular times of that period.

    Now I let my beard grow once in a while and more often than before because of what I have learned from All about Beards: that is, for the joy and pleasure I feel when I let my beard grow.

    1. Excellent! Thank you, Alec.

      I am always happy to learn about the site helping someone and bringing joy to their lives. That’s the best kind of feedback that I can receive.

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