7 thoughts on “beard!”

  1. when?! You and Brian love teasing with this waiting game. He’s such a cutie, you may pass my email to him

  2. This guy is so friggin cute! If he didn’t have a beard he would look so much better!

  3. I think he would look better if the beard was a bit neater around the neck line and was trimmed more cleanly.

    It looks like it is starting to get out of control and head into a full Grizzly Adams /Tramp look.

    Someone as young as that should be closer trimmed in my opinion.

  4. i really like Susan and Bridget’s comments!
    Susan is right, Steve you first showed us Brian’s picture over a year ago! Stop teasing us!

    and bridget, you might think he looks cuter w/o the beard but the truth of the matter is that us bearded people, remove the beard and our confidence plummets (we like our beards a lot!)

    brian here (no homo) is cute, and honestly banana, i like the look he has going for him, i can’t imagine him with a trimmed beard.

    i do admire his mustache, its huge, mine is a little scant, but then again, i’m only 18……

    but yeah, please post brian’s story soon!

  5. Hi, all. I’ll get more of Brian on the site as soon as I can.

    Alessandro, it hasn’t been a year yet! I took the photos of Brian back in March.

    Hang on, everyone. Thanks for your interest!

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