Farewell, Billy.

Billy Mays

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Billy Mays unexpectedly passed from this life on June 28, 2009.  Billy was a famous pitch man on television, enthusiastically selling a variety of products.  Through his work on television and personal appearances, Billy Mays became a celebrity.  Just as famous as Billy himself was his dark full beard.  Billy demonstrated to the world that a full-bearded man could appear in advertising and achieve great success.  For that, I say, “Thank you, Billy.”

5 thoughts on “Farewell, Billy.”

  1. Billy Mays. A guy with a passion for his work. A guy sporting a great beard in the almost beardless land of television.

    You will be missed by many.
    Thank you for standing out and being true to yourself.


  2. I give Billy credit for bringing breads back to the mainstream forefront. Not that it matters to most beard guys but they have become pop again. Thanks Billy and RIP!!!

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