A friendly gentleman with an amazing beard used to run the Hess gas station in front of Manassas Mall in Virginia.  He kept the massive full beard pretty much all of the time, but occasionally would shave it off and commence re-growing it again right away.  One time when he was in the early stages of growing the beard again, I looked at his beard in awe and thought to myself that the beard growth was so dense and abundant, that it appeared to gush out from his face.  He was a beard gusher — an extraordinary sight, indeed!

I would guess that he has long-since retired by now.  I haven’t been to Virginia in many years.  Still, I’ll never forget the sight of that powerful beard.  Beards like his are rarely seen.  This makes an excellent case for documentary beard photography.  Great beards should be photographed!

2 thoughts on “gusher”

  1. This also makes a good case for what an impact a beard/bearded-man can have on an individual. Beards have always impressed me and I’ll never forget the photo of my dad in the seventies with his beard. I always thought he looked handsome and very manly.

    God gave us facial hair…Let It Grow!!!

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