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Farewell to a beard trimmer

Choose the right beard trimmer and it may serve you well for a very long time.   Even great beard trimmers eventually fail.  When a trusted beard trimmer finally quits working, it’s not a welcome development.  Today they don’t make ’em like they used to, as I would discover.

Selecting the best beard trimmer

When I set out to buy a beard trimmer many years ago, I wanted to buy the best one that I could find.  I compared multiple brands and had no bias for or against any specific brand.  The one I chose was the Norelco T900 Beard and Moustache Trimmer with Acu-Control System.  What year was this?  I’m not sure, but the date on the manual is 2001.  The T900 was a new model at that time.

The trusty Norelco T900 beard trimmer is seen here with the detachable trimming guard and the power cord.

The most important thing when shopping for a beard trimmer is to always consider which features are important to you.  Some of the T900’s  main features include: 

  • rechargeable battery without need for a charging stand
  • cordless or corded operation
  • detachable and adjustable trimming guard / guide comb
  • pop-up mustache trimmer
  • no lubrication or other maintenance needed
  • easy to clean

Not pictured above, the T900 also came with a cleaning brush and a case. Beard trimmers today offer a greater variety of features. Those listed above for the T900 were most of the important features available at that time and most of them are still key features of today’s models.

The T900's pop-up mustache trimmer is shown here in the extended position.
Here the T900’s pop-up mustache trimmer is in the extended position, ready for use.  This small trimmer makes mustache trimming a breeze.

When a great beard trimmer goes bad

Because the T900 was so easy to use and it was maintenance-free in addition to doing a great job, I never felt the need to replace it with the latest and greatest.  A few years ago, the battery stopped holding a charge.  Undeterred, I kept using it with the cord plugged in.

This year, however, it finally quit working even with the cord plugged in.  It would not turn on.  So after about seventeen years of faithful service, the T900’s long run was over.  It was finally time to search for a new beard trimmer.  What I wanted was to find another one just like the T900.  The story of how I selected a replacement will appear in an upcoming post.

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17 thoughts on “Farewell to a beard trimmer”

    1. Howdy, Benj,

      Yours is still going strong? Lucky you! I wasn’t expecting someone to offer to buy mine for parts. I’ll have to think about it! Meanwhile, happy trimming!

      Best regards,

      1. It’s still the best trimmer I’ve owned. Tried many different ones to replace it, but keep going back.

        1. Where is the upcoming post on what you chose to replace the T900. I still own mine never did a thing to it however battery would not charge for years now. The cord has been used to keep it going but now is not going to last much longer as it dies out. Today 2.23.2020 and no replacement found. What did ya chose.

  1. What did you move to? Mine died (again) and I’m trying to decide on a new battery or newer model.

    1. Hi, Garrett. Sorry for the long delay. The story took an unexpected twist that I’ll be posting about soon. Meanwhile, I’ll reply to your question via email.

  2. Batteries plus may have the battery for it oh, I need the new cutting head. But can’t find one.

  3. Want to say I’ve had mine since the 80s
    It has sat in a drawer and used off and on for years, it just died today. By far the best mustache trimmer I’ve had nice sharp lines without the barber. I shall miss it. Have many other trimmers none have worked as good as my T900 .

    1. I’m sorry, Marvin, that your T900 has finally retired from faithful service. I agree that the T900 was one of the best!

    1. I lost my old friend also and tried a 3000 series clipper as a replacement. I didn’t see any of the four digit series that were any better. It does not have the “floating” guide that flexes to follow facial contours so I’m forced to do that manually. This becomes a PIA when you DIDN’T have to do that for over twenty years. There is no pop-up trimmer. I miss that a lot. I fail to understand why such a good product was discontinued!

  4. I’ve replaced the battery once since ~2000 and my T900 still charges, runs & cuts like a champ! Clean & oil the blades occasionally. The pop up trimmer does occasionally stick.

  5. I am unable to locate the post regarding the selected replacement for the Norelco T900. The shaver actually works, but the Acu-Control Guide Comb attachment flex top is missing several teeth. I can not locate a replacement Guide Comb to purchase. Please help.

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