No-shave November 2018. Beard: Scott

Grow your beard: No-shave November 2018

Another No-shave November has arrived. No-shave November is always one of the best times to grow a new beard, especially for first-time beard growers. No-shave November gives new beard growers a ready-made justification for growing. Just say that it’s No-shave November!

Even if you miss out on starting to grow your new beard at the beginning of the month, don’t let that discourage you. Start anyway at any time during the month.

And don’t think that the end of November should automatically mean the end of your new beard. Let your November beard growth serve as motivation to keep growing through December and beyond.

No-shave November 2018. Beard: Scott with a shorter beard

Growing a beard for the first time can be daunting. Never fear, however! Growing that first beard should be a fun adventure and a true growth experience in more ways than one. You can learn a lot about yourself and others by growing your beard. One of the most important keys to successful beard growing is to stay committed. Do not let others convince you to give up and shave with their criticism and teasing. Stay strong and grow your beard!

I always welcome new beard growers to the bearded brotherhood at any time. I especially like to welcome them during No-shave November. It is always a great opportunity to add more beards to the world. And that is a good thing!

So, welcome, new beard growers! May your beards grow and flourish and bring you great satisfaction.

To help you along your way, follow our tried-and-true beard-growing guide: How to grow a beard

Please help spread the joy of growing new beards and share this post with anyone who should grow his beard!

Happy No-shave November 2018!

2 thoughts on “Grow your beard: No-shave November 2018”

  1. Hi Steven,

    I’m at week 5 of my beard. My moustache and chin have grown really well, but my jawline and cheeks are scraggly and lagging behind. I seem to have two bald spots on my cheeks that don’t look particularly appealing. Also, one side seems to grow better than the other.

    I’ve set myself a target to not shave until end of January as that’s 3 months then.

    Do you have any advice for a novice like me, as I’m dealing with lots of loose hairs as well as patchiness..


    1. Hi, Dan,

      I’m sorry that I missed your comment until now. I’ve emailed you directly. I hope you’ve gotten along all right in the meantime and that your new beard is doing well.

      Best regards,

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