5 thoughts on “great beard poem!”

  1. Great Poem…not so great beard. I have to hate on all beards, hence the name BeardHater. Since I wrote the book on “Why women love smooth operators,” I have to allude to chapter 5, which discusses how women are more attracted to the clean shaven feel of a man’s face, and also the increased intimacy/sex in relationships where the man doesn’t “sport” a beard. My thoughts and views are strictly data driven, and supported solely through peer reviewed journals. Even though Derrick has one of the coolest beards I’ve seen since Abe Lincoln, I must say…hate hate hate!

  2. Hey, BeardHater. Those are fighting words! I don’t think your arguments hold up, though. I wonder why you want to disrespect Derrick and all other bearded guys.

  3. I think “beardhater” is really a woman. Spouting off about her feminist desire to render men femanine.

    Anyone can write a book and “quote” sources, even if those sources are as warped as they are. “Data driven?” … Whose data? … Your’s? … Other feminists?

    “peer reviewed journals” … what journals? … “Feminist Journal?” … “Fem’s R Us?”

    This is just another attempt to make men sterile.

  4. Aldon,

    I heard from BeardHater offline. He actually is a friend of Derrick and was just attempting some humor.

  5. My appologies to “beardhater” … I thought that you were serious. Thanks Steve for straightening me out on that.


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