4 thoughts on “more Salvatore”

  1. hello salvatore.. great great great your beard
    i am making an experiment on my self.. i am leting my beard growing growing growing (i hope for 1 year) putting a pic of myself everyday in my blog (myspace.com/laikost or futurlaikost.splinder.com)…
    i would lke to know what do you think about…

  2. Hey Salvatore, great goatee! I’ll bet it took awhile to grow it that long. I’m trying to grow one myself. Right now I have two days growth of stubble.

  3. Hey Salvatore,I’ve decided to clean shave my face and start from scratch.I’m growing a full beard for awhile and then I’ll shave it down to a mustache and a goatee when it gets to a certain length.

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